Public Speaking Assignment

Public Speaking Assignment

PublicSpeaking Assignment

OscarAward for the Best Leading Actor Acceptance Address

ByAdrien Brody

Adriengave his Oscar acceptance address on 23rdMarch 2003 at Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, California. The speech tookapproximately five minutes. Normally, Oscar’s speech ran the rangefrom funny and heartfelt to detestable and self-indulgent. On thisparticular day, Adrien Brody was announced as the best pianist at the75thAcademy Awards. When called upon to make his speech, Adrien walked tothe stage, embraced presenter Halle Berry, and gave her a kiss.Afterwards, he took the microphone, pointed Halle, and said that thekiss was a gift bag.

Thespeech was an acceptance speech and to show gratitude to the award.Firstly, Adrien was grateful for the love and encouragements hereceived from his people, people he admired, as well as totalstrangers who supported him. In a special way, he gave thanks to hisparents for their encouragement and creativity. Indeed, they were hispillar of strength. Secondly, he gave thanks to the WladyslawSzpilman for providing blue print. He also dedicated the award to hissurvival. Further, he thanked Roman Polanski for his role in thefilm. Additionally, he thanked his funs who had watched the film, aswell as those who extremely worked hard to the success of the film.Finally, he thanked Focus Features and his long-time friendconsigliore Joanne colonna, PMK, and HBH. At the end of his speech,Adrien acknowledged his friend from Queens, Tommy Zarobinski, who wasa soldier located in Kuwait. Towards the end of the speech, Adrianopenly declared his sadness for accepting the reward in such astrange time. He says that the film made him aware of therepercussions, sadness, and dehumanization that come hand in handwith war. He also asked people to pray for a swift and peacefulresolution. He ended with the words “Thank you very much.”

Therewas a remarkable emotion of Adrien delivery both in terms of voiceand in terms of body. He projected his voice well hence, makingaudible speech. He made a heartfelt appreciation in his firstsentences. He repeatedly said “thank you” twice to stress more onhow grateful he was. Adrien also made an emotional connection withhis audience. For instance, he was emotional when he gave thanks tohis parents who were also among the audiences. Similarly, he was alsoemotional when he stated his experiences from the film. Adrien triedto maintain his volume and pitch throughout the speech. However, attime the pitch would vary depending with emotions. He also maintainedthe correct pronunciation of words. However, there are manyrepetitions of words. For instance, in the first sentences, herepeated the words “thank you.” In addition, he also repeated thewords “one second” and “cut it out.” Further, since this wasnot a written speech, Adrein hesitated in the some sentences. Forinstance, “It — It doesn’t…” I–I have…” “Real–realstrength”, “This is — This is… I’m sorry” among others.

Adrienused body language to express his feelings and emotions. Forinstance, he embraced and kissed presenter Halle Berry to express hishappiness. According to Lucas (2015), a public speaker shouldmaintain eye contact with his audience, which Adrien did throughoutthe speech. He also used facial expression to show his emotions. Whenhe stated the consequences of war, sadness filled his eyes. Further,he used hand gestures, for example, he pointed Halle when he referredto the kiss he had given her.

Mostof Adrien audience are Oscar funs, and they effectively responded tohis speech. Although the auditorium was large, it was evident thatmost of them appreciated him. When called upon, the audience welcomedAdrien with a handful claps. Similarly, they also clapped severallyas he continued with the speech, while others went ahead and stoodup. Her mother was so emotional, to some extent she shed tears afterher son appreciated her efforts.


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