PSY 255 Personality Psychology

PSY 255 Personality Psychology

PSY255: Personality Psychology

ResearchMethods Worksheet


Toreflect on what you have learned in topic 1 about research methods,please read the below scenario and answer all questions below. While APA style is not required, solid academic writing is expected.

Typeyour responses directly onto the worksheet.

Lecture1 and chapter 2 of your book discuss research methodology ofpsychology. Make sure to include in-text citations for the lectureand/or the textbook when completing your justifications citationsmust be presented in APA format.


Samantha,who works for an educational curriculum company, was asked to test anew reading program called E-Z read. She asked the principal ofDesert Elementary School for permission to access two classrooms,where she could test the program. Students were randomly assigned toboth classrooms. Miss Jones’s class was asked to use E-Z readprogram for one semester, and Mrs. Brown’s class was asked tocontinue using their regular reading program. At the end of thesemester both classes took a test to assess their reading skills.Students’ grades were compared to see if implementing E-Z readprogram improved reading skills.&nbsp



Justifications(how did you come up with your answer?)

What is a possible hypothesis for this study?

The E-Z reading program improves the reading skills of students who use it.

At this point there is no evidence that the statement is true. The fact that it will take research to prove the validity of the statement makes it the hypothesis of the study.

Whose class is a control group and why?

The control class is the class assigned to Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown’s class is the control group because the students in it are not exposed to the factor under investigation, which is the E-Z program.

Whose class is an experimental group and why?

The class assigned to Miss Jones

Miss Jones’ class was exposed to the E-Z program which is the factor under investigation in the study

What are the independent and dependent variables in this study?

The independent variable in the study is the E-Z program while the independent variable is reading skills

The E-Z program can be manipulated by the researchers to change the outcome of the study. For example, through prolonging the period of exposure to the program

Reading skills is the dependent variable because it is expected to change as a result of the E-Z program but not by the researcher’s manipulation.

Why is it important that students are randomly assigned to both groups?

The study is an example of a frequentist statistical investigation that uses random sampling.

Random sampling helps eliminate systematic bias. The population of the classes could be known hence, the researchers are aware of the mean of the random value (Elmes, 2011).

Why would a correlational and case study not be appropriate for this type of study?

A correlational and case study was not appropriate because they do not allow the researcher to manipulate variables. This kind of study required some control over the variables (Elmes, 2011).

There was need to collect data about the number of students to had improved the reading skills so that the results forms the basis of conclusions about the hypothesis.

In the scenario described above, do we want to see a statistically significant difference in the two groups’ test scores? Why or why not?

Yes, the statistically significant difference is important because the test score will how much the E-Z tool improves reading skills in students. Furthermore, statistical errors could be reason for the relationship found. Hence, finding a relationship only confirms that the researchers could be right in their findings.

The test scores reveal how significant is the statistical difference depending on the sample size and the population of students under study.

Re-writethe scenario above with changes you would make to the study in orderto create a true research study?

Samantha,an employee of a curriculum company , wanted to test whether or notan E-Z program can improve the reading ability of students. Sheconducted the study in Desert Elementary school after seeking thepermission of the principal. Samantha used two classrooms in whichrandomly selected students went to each of them. One class wassupervised by Ms. Jones and the other by Mrs. Brown. Miss Jones’class used the E-Z program and Mrs. Brown’s class continued withthe normal school program. After the study period, which was at theend of the semester, both classes went through an assessment test toascertain any differences in their reading skills. The results of thetest would be used to determine if the school should adopt the E-Zprogram to improve the student’s readings skills.


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