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Pro of the source

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Source:Technology has made readers become news producers

Thepro of the source that am not in agreement with is the pro presentingthat technology has made readers to become news producers, posting,images, videos, audios and text for any news event. In essence, theadvances in technology has brought tremendous changes in that it mayseem a misnomer to present the cons of technological advances forindividuals to become news producers. Nevertheless, despite how thetechnology has impacted our life, no matter the convenience, thereexist cons to the levels of access.

Technologyhas made the news producers to be dependent. In fact, the moreadvanced the society is in terms of technology, the people may beginto be dependent on technology for them to exist. As a result, thismeans that when a computer crashes or breaks, the human becomedisabled until the problem is solved. From statistics, news producersare entirely dependent on technology for them to gather news. Inessence, this may hinder true information from being derived fromreliable sources. This form of dependency puts people into acompetitive disadvantage since they cannot rely on themselves.Sometimes, for the news producers to do their exams, they use thesearch engine where the can get first hand information rather thandoing the fundamental research needed.

Also,we may find a pool of uneducated book warmers. In fact, many peoplejust get the content but fail to embrace the substance. It is as ifthey hold the shadow of news production and thus misses thesubstance, substance that is regarded as first hand information. Thenews pass through many people in that, when they are broadcasted, theoverall appeal is lost since the intermediaries may alter the news tofit their ulterior motives.

Technologyhas failed to give value to human workers. The news producers retainless value at the same time which is a disadvantage of advances intechnology. Since the machines can automate the process and do workthat can be done by ten people, many companies may find it hard toemploy many people to get their job done. Since the machines havebecome more advanced and efficient, with the continuing growth oftechnology means that this will have an impact globally. The value ofnews producers is undermined especially when the machine outperformthem. As a result many may end up being jobless which can encouragesome behaviors detrimental to the whole good of the society.

Withthe evolution of news technology, many news production companies maytake key decisions in regard to the change in the existing process ofproduction. Though new technology can enable them enhance theiroperations at the long run. This process can pose challenges. Newtechnology can be a challenge to the news producers.

Thepro argues that technology has made many people to be news producers.The term made, means that if it was not for the technology, then theindividuals stated herein could have not been producers. So, it meansthat many individuals didn’t go to news production out of passionbut rather, because they got a platform that made them news producer.I personally do not agree with this scenario since all along, Ibelieve that people should be driven by the power of passion. Thepassion is the one that makes them consistent in the market.

Anothercon is that, we get half baked news anchors. They are too reliant ontechnology in that they cannot make independent decisions. Whencompared to the traditional news producers, they are far below thestandards. In essence, the traditional news producers were whollybaked by passing through all processes.

Anotherfactor input is that anyone can post the videos, audios, graphics andtext. It only require the basic education of an individual to be ableto do that. Thus, we cannot wholly say that technology has made themnews producers but rather news production should be embedded in apersons DNA for him/her to be effective in the market place. When welook at technology, we better use the traditional means of gettingnews since the new technology drains a person financially leavinghim/her with nothing by all means.

Newsproduction is coupled with maintenance issues. Thus, the system bugscould stop production for quite some times. A process or machine maynot perform the way a person need. Thus, it is objective rather thanobjective. On the contrary, you may need additional tweaking to getthe necessary results. Also, with the advent of internet, moderntechnology has changed the way people consume or get the news. Themethod of getting news has changed. This has changed the wholeconcept of getting first hand news.

Beforeinternet, news were hard to come by, information could not be gotinternationally without newspapers and radios. So people were relianton first hand news. Nevertheless, thou it took long to get news, thenews were not diluted.

Withthe advent of new technology, there are so many people who gathernews. The problem arises in the reliability of the news. Stating thattechnology has changed the news producers is an overstatement.Stating that it has not contributed, it is rather a setback, but onefundamental factor remains on the essence of how technology has madepeople to be lazy. Since with the advent of news technology a personcan get first hand information at the touch of the dial, newsproducers may be too lazy to consider the reliability and validity ofthe source

Ihave realized that in the recent pasts, news are “cooked”. When Italk of cooking, I mean that most of the news are politicallymotivated based on rumors and gossip. For instance, another day Iheard that my president was having an affair with a cabinetsecretary. In essence, I realized that people started pointing afinger at the president without having evidence of the aforementionedclaims by one of his critics. I realized that personal grudges mayencourage a person to so say otherwise. In essence, many peoplefailed to take the voice of reason in their argumentative debates.What if they took time to understand the whole scenario, theywouldn’t have presented un reliable information.

Basically,the new technology has acted as a legal ground upon which the newsproducers are taught on matter of individualism rather than theconcept of an integral society. Sometimes my argument is toodefensive on my own ideologies and ideals. Nevertheless, when we tryto figure out the facts, then we can understand that the technologyis a ground upon which many people castigate false claims. Newsanchors are supposed to be warriors of justice and truth but rathertechnology has made them to be influenced by the forces within thesociety.

Thetechnology has made it possible for us to have a culture of peoplewithout reason. The news anchors cannot even weigh the extent uponwhich their society is affected. For the most of the news, a goodportion of the paper is rewrite of the press release. In essence,this rewrite may encourage the news producers to alter importantinformation.

Withthe advent of new software, editing can be made to videos, texts andaudios. Only information that suits the audience is presented. As aresult, in order to arrive at viable conclusion, a person may needthe whole information to arrive at a conclusive instance.

Technologyhas influenced the process of getting the stories. The feeds from thenetworking services such as Twitter and Facebook provide an array ofevents from the view point of first hand witness, citizen news andblog sources present a wider perspective from the ground.Nevertheless, the tools these tools are element of news gatheringprocess. The stories may be broke before they reach the finalconsumer. As a result, the news producers are not trained tocomprehend whether it is relevant to the bigger picture or whatactually happens.

Also,in 2009, a TV in America found themselves in a mess when theyreported that the line of twitter on the story of the spree by NidalMalik that the killer was connected to terrorists. The details werefound to be false. Thus, stating that technology is helpful is anoverstatement. From this, we can see that the fundamentals ofgathering news have not be transformed by the technology.

Thenews owners serve the vested interest that are aligned by thegoverning class which can bypass the interest of people. We cannottrust the mainstream news since supplementary news are presented forfree from various sources that is free from editorial censorship


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