Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience Essay

PersonalExperience Essay

Unlikemost children, I was born with a lot of difficulties and my life wasabout hospitals. When other families were celebrating the birth oftheir new family member, my family was in agony as they had tostruggle with me due to illness. In short, I was born with differenthealth problems. I had colostomy surgery to correct my anus rightafter birth. A few weeks later, I was diagnosed congenital heartproblem and again I started a long journey in and out of hospital.Surgery after surgery. The hospital became my home and I was used todoctors, injections, and nurses and did know much about being at homewhere other babies are natured. These particular experiences havegreatly shaped my life both physically, socially and career wise. Inthis personal essay, I want to briefly describe how these experienceshave influenced my decision to become a doctor.

Mysuffering as a child exposed me to the world of medicine. I had learna lot involving hospital procedures having being in and out ofhospital for a better part of my childhood. Though unconsciously, Iknew my passion for medicine at an early age. This inspired my desireto gain knowledge in medicine in order to serve other people and maketheir lives better. Were it not the work of the doctors who wererelentless in their work, maybe I could not have made it this far. Ibelieve that becoming a physician will give me an opportunity toreturn a favor by saving other lives.

Igrew in a poor neighborhood where children and people had little orno access to health care. I have grown in pain and not being able tolive a life of a normal child. Due to my condition, I was advised notto participate in physically involving sports like soccer even thoughI loved soccer. Even though I was able to do numerous things andengage in different activities later in life. I imagine that if I hadnot received care in good time like most kids back in the poorshanties, I would not have attained my full potential. As such I havealways wanted to become a physician and help other kids from poorfamilies to achieve their full potential.

Inaddition, my mother also worked in a community health center whereshe served the poor and the under privileged. She was very passionatewith her work and used to discuss with me the various diseases thatshe encountered in patients. This fueled my interest in biomedicine.I learnt that most diseases are still a big deal yet they have novaccines or proper treatment. Taking biomedicine will equip me withknowledge to treat the sick, besides allowing me to venture intoresearch in specific diseases like HIV and be able to contribute tothe development of a vaccine to save lives.

FinallyI am best positioned to taking medicine as a course because I havestudied various subjects in medicine which have broadened myknowledge in medicine. I have the necessary experience and know howto pursue medicine and will keep to my course of helping the leastfortunate in the society. My focus on illuminating knowledge onvaccine development and medicine to eliminate human suffering issuperb.