Peer Rersponse

Peer Rersponse




Iagree with you that Kant gives a valid argument about the good andgoodwill. I believe that you connect very well with the argument thatthe good is perceived, interpreted and understood as a good thing.This reflects with your life, especially in the military career.Being in the military is a good thing because you serve for thebetterment of the entire nation. This is a common good that is notonly good in the eyes of the society, but good in its own self. Inaddition, in the military, you volunteer for the good in the form ofassisting those in need as you explained. Your volunteer work andcareer are a good illustration of things that are good in their ownway.

Fromyour description, you have been involved in many good things. It isclear that you did these good things for the betterment of thesociety. I like the way you started volunteering when you were asyoung as ten years. This is a very kind and courageous way ofassisting people in the society. Another aspect that provides theaspect of your good is that it was modeled by your grandmother. Thisshows the power of the society or family in modeling the good

Itis my opinion that your actions portray the aspects of doing well foritself and for the way it is. This is because your actions andactivities are aimed at making other people better, and changing thepeople. You do things for their goodwill and their goodness. Thisproves the argument that goodwill is because of how it reflects onpeople as it is a good in itself.