Paragraph Writing Unit

Paragraph Writing Unit





The story, which isnarrated in a first person account, tells the experience of amn whowalks into abank with the inetetion of opening a bank account.Although he says that hd always been previously afraid of banks andeverything to do with banks, he agthers courage t o open a bnakaccount buoyed by a raise in his slary that will seee him earn $50.He wrongly assumes that opening an ccount requires one sto see thebank amanager and therefore dircetcly asks to see him in private. Thebank manager mistakes the man for an important person. At first, hethinks he is sort of a dectetcive. The man denies this and say thathe id just a regular employee loking to open a big account of $56.Annoyed by the small time clint, the mbanalk manager dimisses the manto be attended by another accountant where he deposits the money.Aftewads, he seeks to withdraw $6 but in his nervious state hewithdraws all the money. He feels embarrsed and as he leaves thebank, he gets to hear people laughing at him. As a poor man, heclearly does not belong to the bnak and the bank is not veryenthusiastic to have him.


The story capturesthe relationship between poor workers and banks under a capitalistsystem. In the short story, the weaknesses of a capitalist areportrayed by the main character’s mistrust and fear of banks. He israttled by banks and everything about banks. His demeanor at the bankclearly illustrates this fear and mistrust of banks as he seems notto trust even the tellers though he only has a small amount of cash.To the bank and other people, 56 dollars maybe small change but tothe characters, this is a lot of money worth his monthly work. Thevalue he attaches to this amount of money does not correspond to thevalue that the bank and the bank manage seem to attach to it. Infact, he assumes that his relatively large amount of money is enoughreason to see the branch manager in person. Unfortunately, the bank’semployees and the other people in the bank do not see it that wayleading to his nervousness and anxiety.


The short story “MyFinancial Career” by Stephen Leacock pokes fun at capitalism andhighlights the plight of workers in a capitalist economy.

Supporting reason 1:Banks are interested in profits

Details: Wealthyclients mean larger profits

Explanation: Targetsthe rich

Example1 : Characterdid not have a bank account previously

Example 2: Ordinarycitizens have bank accounts

Supporting reason 2:Workers are poorly paid.

Details: Workerearns $50

Explanation: Theamount is relatively low even by that time’s standards

Example 1: Paid incash

Example 2:currently, many workers regularly strike over pay

Supporting reason 3:Manager’s attitude

Details: Annoyed tosee a ‘poor client’

Explanation: Managerexpected a wealthy client

Example 1: ordinaryclient’s queue

Example 2: I alwaysqueue

Conclusion: It isclear that banks under a capitalist system are mostly interested inprofits, which wealthy clients make good business while poor clientsare more or less of a nuisance.