Palm Beach County Tax Collector Office

Palm Beach County Tax Collector Office

PalmBeach County Tax Collector Office

PalmBeach Tax Collector Office

PalmBeach County is one of the most flourishing counties in the southeast side of Florida. This county is located on the Atlantic Ocean. The populace of Palm Beach County is approximately 1.5 millioninhabitants thus making it to be among the largest counties inFlorida. This county has quite a number of beautiful cities which canenable any business mind to set up a business and nourisheconomically. is one of thegovernmental institutions that are established in Palm Beach County.This company or office offers various governmental services andsolutions to the people around and beyond Palm Beach County(DMVFlorida,n.d).Some of these services include licensing services,tax collection and many others. The corporate name of this taxcollecting company is Palm Beach Tax Collector Office. This companywas established way back in 1999 by a group of people who cametogether to form a business. These people are the company’sfounding leaders. Some of the services offered by Palm Beach TaxCollector Officeare licensing services, as well as tax collection.This industry has quite a number of competitors. Some of thesecompetitors are Hall real estate, Hansen real estate group Inch. ,Christian angle real estate among other many mushrooming taxcollection companies (Klinkenberg1992).

ProblemStatement for

Thepossible threats and problems that Palm Beach County Tax CollectorOffice is facing are stiffcompetition from the many mushrooming tax collection companies thatare setting up in Palm Beach County. Some of the competitors areaforementioned in this paper. Due to stiff competition, Palm BeachCounty Tax Collector Office is facing a huge possibility of losingits clients to the competitors. Another very possible threat that is facing is losing of itsstaff members who are constantly searching for greener pasturessomewhere else. This threat is due to poor remuneration services at. This issue needs to beresolved as soon as possible by the management of the Palm BeachProperty to avoid losing its staff.

Goalof a Statement of Problem

Asnoted by Palm Beach County (2014), the problem and threat that faces as aforementioned are stiffcompetition in the market and retention of the company’s employees.These two major problems are well-defined problems and threats for. Careful decision making bythe top management of this company has to be the top most proprietyso as to overcome these threats. The company has to strategize onways through which it can beat its competitors in the market so as toretain its clientele as well as its staff members. This will betrough establishment of proper roots and managerial services. Thecompany can start having different offices scattered all over PalmBeach County to enable it serve its clients in an appropriate manner.Change of management and ways in which the managerial staff handlesthings will also help in boosting Palm Beach County Tax CollectorOffice stability. Staff retention can go a long way in establishingany organization’s stability. Remuneration services of Palm BeachCounty Tax Collector Office staff have to be improved to motivate thestaff and keep them from moving from the company.


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