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Section1: Jessica’s Post

Itis clear from the video that Mark Zupan is a great murderball playerwhom despite his disability, he is desired to achieve his dreams. Isail in the same boat with Jessica that Mark is stubborn during hispractices. Mark had an incomplete C3 spinal cord injury (SCI) thatleft him paralyzed, thus excess physical exercise can cause damage ordeteriorate his condition. As a result, Mark ought to follow his orher therapist advice in order to stay safe (Zupan, 2005). On otherhand, Mark’s willingness to be involved in physical activitiesshows a great potential of him recovering and living healthy. A lotof people within the same category with Mark normally avoid physicalactivities, thus leaving their therapist with a hard time. However,standard physical activities can assist Mark in full recovery or evenstaying healthy (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014).

Sections2: Stephanie’s Post

Indeed,Stephanie provides a clear explanation on Mark’s strength as wellas weakness. Mark was not born as disabled, but after a fatalaccident, his life changed completely. As a result, Mark had to findways of adapting to his new life. Instead of relying on relief, Markwent to special school and learns how to adapt to the new life.During his learning period, he started learning how to playmurderball despite his overwhelming challenges. His hard work as weas determination led him to a successful murderball player. However,as stated by Stephanie, Mark still psychological support not onlyfrom his close friend Christopher, but also from other peoplesurrounding him, such as his family, players, coach and murderballfans (Fisher, 2009).


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