Thereare different organizational structures set up in variousorganizations. These differences are brought about becauseorganizations adopt different ways to achieve the specified intendedobjectives. The type of organization structure used by anorganization can either hinder or assist its progress in the processto meet its goals. The type of formal organizational structureadopted at the health facility where I work is best described as lineorganizational structure. At the facility, organizations havevertical or direct relationships with regard to its various levels( The Next Generation Library, 2013). Inaddition, there are specialists who provide assistance and advice tothe line managers.

Thishealth facility has different departments with staffs under theleadership of different managers who are in turn led by the executivecommittee. The decisions in the facility are made by executivecommittee headed by the director the managers of each department inturn oversee the implementation of the decisions made. Staffspecialists offer the needed assistance and advice to the linemanagers in specific specialized areas such as service, advisory andcontrol. This organizational structure gives both centralized anddecentralized decision making approaches (Dekker,2013). The executive committee provides overall decisions that guidethe day to day operations, however, at departmental levels certainspecific and specialized decision are made and administered bydifferent managers, thus making up decentralized decision makingprocess.

Formaland informal leadership influences the process of making decisions indifferent departments. Formal leadership follows the lay downofficials decisions made both at the top management and thedepartmental level leading to the efficiency of operations. On theother hand informal leadership offers a leadership pattern that isinfluenced by many parallel decisions that result to inefficientleadership hence poor operation.

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