Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning



Iconcur with the assertions of Schwandt and Marquardt. Organizationsthat adopt learning culture increase knowledge, competence and theperformance levels on a continuing basis. Organizations develop theirvalues, practices, and the various systems that support and call foreach employee of the organization and the organization itself tolearn as efforts to develop a learning culture (Ley, 2013).Consequently, the organization benefits at large in terms ofimprovement and innovation. In turn, the organization achieves itsgoals with more ease as compared to others that fail to give priorityto learning. In addition, learning enables the organization toachieve and equally support the accomplishment of the variousorganizational goals through development and innovation.Consequently, through various research and development, theorganization finally manages to cope with change(Merklein, n.d.).

Frommy point of view, learning is important. After a series of working inour family business, I learned that there are functions I could notdeal with in the firm. The primary reason is that my academicqualifications curtailed me. Consequently, the company encounteredsignificant losses by outsourcing the services from outsideconsultants. I managed to get back to school, acquired my masters,and later obtained a professional qualification in Accounting.Consequently, I developed my skills and expertise. Currently, I serveas the primary consultant to my dad and provide most of the servicesthat the firm used to outsource in the past (Ley, 2013). As a result,I save the company a lot of money by my ability to oversee theoncoming disabilities for example in tax, long way before theOrganization engages in business. My accomplishments have made thebusiness successful and more profitable. I have also contributed tothe acquisition of new markets, and we as target internationalmarkets (Yarlagadda, 2014).


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