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One Page Response

OnePage Response


Societyis an organization that has very many things in common in terms ofeconomic, religious and ideologies. Considering it a blessing isaligned with the social order because there is synergy in anythingthey do. Unity is strengthened by the common objectives and sharedbelieves by people in the same society. The government, regardless ofits organization and formation is a necessary evil because it ensuresthat there is order in the society despite the difference in thesocietal background. Theimportance of the government is overwhelming despite its moralfaults.

Itis a misery because sometime the government exposes people to problemjust as it is expected from places without a formal authority. As aresult, the people may react and cause so much damage and problems.This is what dictatorships and states where the rule of law isassumed face and end upon a fall of the state. Non-democraticnations and where power is centralized on a few face problems due togovernment neglect of the needs of citizens.

Thegovernment is built upon competition and need for power. On the otherside, the government is responsible for restricting our vices. Thedifference is society believes, thus, is not recognized by thegovernment. Thegovernment is the root cause for the differences and conflicts thatare seen in many nations of the world(Paine, 2008).

Therole of any government or central rule is to bring order and enhancedevelopment and prosperity. Itis the reason why some of the provide resources to the governments inthe form of tax to promote the functioning of the government.The recognition of the role of the government must come first despitethe fact that it is the cause of divisions and chaos in the society.


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