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Schoolingin China Vs USA (Miami University)

Eversince we relocated to the United States, my life changed to a greatextent. Moving from Shenzhen, China for my high school education inthe United States was one of my life changing incidents. With myambition to pursue Fine Arts, moving to the USA, was a positivechange. However, with the massive difference between my homelandchina from culture, to the school setting, the change was impacting,yet worthwhile.

Thereare many differences between going to school in China and in the USA.Different teaching strategies are used in China as compared to theUS. First, in China, learning is teacher-centered, unlike in MiamiUniversity, where learning is student centered. In China, earning isalso as a group where if one student is lost, the whole class stopsto help him/her. In the university, education is on an individualbasis. In China, students have a particular teacher allocated to themwhen they enter a class. The teacher follows the students from onegrade to the next. Teachers at Miami University, however, specializein one particular field which they teach. They do not follow thestudent through the entire schooling period, but rather meet thestudent at one point in their life at school.

Inchina, students buy textbooks every year that have been recentlyrevised. On the other hand, In Miami University, the textbooks arerented to students. Finally, in China, the students have limitedchoice when it comes to selecting our courses. A lot of attention ispaid on the grade that each student gets with exams being taken veryseriously. This is more so for the final exams. In America, studentsand states have the freedom to choose what to study. Little attentionis paid to the grade that students get as compared to China. Much ofthe effort addresses the development of the individual student in allmatters, including co-curriculum activities.

Atthe University, Chinese students face various challenges. To startwith, making friends in the new environment seems to be quite achallenge for me as I do not know how to start a conversation withthe natives. This is also because Chinese students are among theminority group of students in the university, making it even harderto get a friend from China. The natives also tend to socializeamongst themselves since they are familiar with each other, leavingthe international students out. It will also take some time for me tofamiliarize myself with the university culture. This is because thereis a huge cultural difference between China and the USA.

However,despite this challenge, I am excited about my major which is FineArts. This is because I can finally achieve my dream as an artist. Ihave loved being an artist since I was young recording great momentsin my simple terms. I am looking forward to attending many artsfestivals all over the world as my major will open me to differentways of delivering information in an artistic way. I also hope itwill enable me to connect with various iconic artists so that I canlearn from them on how to better myself in this field.

Inaddition to this, I am excited about the knowledge I will acquirefrom the field as it will help me to become competent in art and seethings from a different picture. It will also give me the autonomy Ineed in my career. I am excited to learn the American culture whichis famous all over the world. I hope to interact with the locals andmake some good friends who we can study with and build each other togreater heights. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me.Despite the differences in the education system between theUniversity and my country and the many challenges I face as aninternational student, I am willing to learn new ways of presentingthings using art and meeting my goals in life. This is all thatmatters.