NewTheme for an Outlet-Water Parks

Basedon my internship here at Amanzoe Resort, I would suggest a new outletof an indoor water park. This is what is missing at Amanzoe and itcan bring in revenue if implemented properly. An indoor water park isrefers to a structure that offer entertainment facilities that comealong with various amenities, like wave pools body slides, inner tubeslides, lazy rivers, stimulated surfboard rides, water rollercoasters and other multi-level indoor water play features1.The water parks have pleasant themes that high quality amenities andunique experience to guests and visitors. Nowadays, more and moreresorts are attracting and tempting guests with a water park right onthe property, which means endless fun for children. There are quite agood number of guests who want such a facility. The resort can openan indoor water park in cold seasons and outdoor water park in hotclimates like during summer. The Amanzoe adventure can begin with84-degree Water Park, jam-packed with slides, pools and splashingfun. When guests are ready to dry off, the fun can continue withgames, activities, and adventures throughout the resort.

IndoorWater Park Safety Rules &amp Procedures

Thesafety and security of guests should be the number one priority. Tomake sure guests have a safe stay, safety personnel and lifeguardsthat are well trained and equipped with appropriate devices should beemployed. The following procedures can be implemented so as toenhance safety.

  • Life vests shall be required for all children even though they may have excellent swimming capabilities

  • Children under the age of 15 to be accompanied by an adult

  • Food and beverage from outside the water park should be prohibited

  • Warnings and directions to be well labelled and riders must obey them and behave in a manner that will not cause injury to themselves and others

  • Guests should wear swimsuits instead of jean shorts at any instance whenever they are in the park.

  • Guests and visitors should not carry any glass bottles into the park.

  • Similarly, guests should not come along with their pets into the park

  • There is no pushing or pulling around of heavy objects within the park

  • Guests should be cautioned against carrying alcohol and other drugs into the park

  • Guests should be cautioned against swallowing of the lake water

  • Guests should be advised to change diapers away from the water park they can choose to do so in the bathrooms.

  • Guests should be advised to take children on frequent bathrooms breaks

  • &nbspGuests should be cautioned against swimming when they have diarrhoea

  • &nbspVisitors should be advised to wash their hands using soaps or other recommended detergents whenever they visit bathrooms or change diapers.

  • All visitors should be advised to wash off in showers&nbspthoroughly&nbspbefore swimming

Advantagesof water parks

Hangingout in the man-made indoor park can do wonders for the body andspirit. Here are some of the reasons why many guests prefer an indoorwater park.

  1. They are convenient

Theindoor water park will be connected to the resort, so guests can havethe chance to enjoy their rest as well as engage in various games attheir own convenient time. While booking a room at a resort mightcost extra, it’s worth it to be able to walk to and from the waterpark whenever one get the notion. If guests feel like taking fewtrips down the tube slide before they turn in for the night or a nicefloat on the lazy river before breakfast, then it is convenient.

  1. They are worry resistant

Duringthe summer, while everyone prefers to be outside, the weather is notalways favourable. When planning a vacation, the prospect of havingwater fun is appealing to guests. With an indoor water park, guestsare rest assured of fun without the worry of rain ruining it.

  1. They make it easier to keep track of the children

Indoorparks are always smaller and more contained, with just a few pointsof exit and entry. This makes it easier for parents or guests onvacation to keep tabs on their children. The water park can be builtwith a lazy river encircling it so as to make it easy for parents toalso relax while they supervise the little ones.

  1. Sunscreen is optional

Withwater parks having a roof over visitor’s head, they don’t need toworry about applying sunscreen. Sometimes, sunscreen can bring painand harm to some individuals especially, children. Undeniably, WaterPark will play a key role in reducing the cost of buying suchsunscreens oils as well as reduce negative effects associated withthem.

  1. One does not have to choose

Manyresorts with indoor water parks also have outdoor water parks onsite.So a guest does not have to choose one. A guest can stay somewherewith an indoor park while making plans to visit an outdoor park ifthe weather is good enough.

Indoorwater parks offer rides for all age groups as well as lounge areasfor relaxation and reading. The attractions offered at indoor waterpark facilities include:


Indoorparks make the most of their limited space with fast and furiousslides and mellow kiddie slides that turn and twist through the park.It is vital to include waterslidesin the design of any indoor water park. Most popular waterslides comealong with figure eight or double inner tubes and partially enclosedslides. Such slides have some advantages they allow tow users orriders to use the tube at the same time. This, in turn, gives guestsand visitors the chance to interact and have much fun. Otherseven offer rider tubes that the whole family can ride and enjoy.


Kiddiesection offer extremely high level of entertainment for both adultsand children in any water park.Its activitiesinclude small water slides, water sprays and fountains. This sectionprovides shallow play areas and safe activities for small visitorslike children. Thepool should have a structure that offers various games. Such gamesmay range from titling of buckets, sliding, and spraying activitiesamong others.


Thissection encircles an area of Water Park, for parents who wantrelaxing and it provides a slow current that allows riders to driftdreamily around the park on a tube. Other indoor water parks offerwave pools which also double as regular recreational pools. Thesepools provide stimulated waves at scheduled intervals. But the bestfeature of indoor water parks is being inside enjoying a little tasteof summer, while looking outside at a snow covered landscape.

TheActivity Pool

Thisfacility attracts many visitors and guests but mostly it comprises ofchildren above 8 years and adults. It is in form of a swimming poolthat has a width of 25 feet, length of 50 feet, and height of about 3to 5 feet. The number and types of activities play a key role indetermining the size of the pool. Any pool should incorporate manyactivities so as to allow mingling between various individuals andgroups. The design should allow and accommodate various games, likevolleyball and basketball.


Further,a whirlpool should be included in any indoor water park. Adultsgather and interact freely at the whirlpool. Its location should befar away from the both the Kiddie Pooland activity area in order togive the adults the chance to converse freely. It should also have agood theme and pleasant environment for instance, it shouldincorporate a relaxing whirlpool feature.

Additionof an indoor water park to an Existing Resort

Paststudies have been conducted in seven existing hotels to determinetheir actual performance following the addition of water parks. Thestudy showed that 59 percent average increase in revenue in theirguest rooms following the addition of the water parks. Therefore, Ican recommend that if Amanzoe add a water park, there is going to bea definite rise in revenue due to the appealing nature of waterparks.

An indoor water park plays a vital role in helping the resort itsservices at a less time. It also increase the level of occupancylevels hence, boosting other departments, like beverage and foodwithin the resort.

HowIndoor Water parks Boast Revenues

Researchshows a continuously growing trend of resorts that have incorporatedindoor water parks. These indoor water parks have increasing boostedoccupancies and revenues throughout the year. Low occupancy duringthe weekends stands out as of one of the main challenges in mosthotels and resorts. Undeniably, indoor water parks have played a keyrole in solving this setback in many resorts.

TypicalResort vs. Resorts with Indoor Water Park

Acertain survey showed that typical resorts achieved an occupancy of45 percent on an a yearly base with average room rates of seventydollars, whereas hotels and resorts that have incorporated indoorwater parks showed sixty five percent with average room rates of onehundred and thirty dollars. This is a clear indication that hotelsand resort that have indoor water parks have guests and visitorsthroughout the year.

Also,another survey showed that resorts with indoor water parks attracteda higher level of occupancy (21 points higher) as compared to the onewithout this facility. In fact, resorts and hotels that incorporatedindoor water parks attracted thirty or more points of occupancy ascompared to typical resorts in the September– December.

Resortsthat have incorporated indoor water parks attract more guests evenduring low seasons as compared to the ones that have just ordinaryindoor swimming pools. Despite this, the development of an indoorwater park comes along with some complications hence, it requiresservices of professional consultants. The resort will requireprofessional and expert advice with regard to aquatic engineering,heating &amp ventilation, economic feasibility, water quality,theming and architectural design.

Howbig should the water park be?

Resultsof economic feasibility report together with market analysis plays akey role in determining the size of any indoor water park. However, acertain survey indicate that a hotel that has about a hundred to fivehundred rooms stand a high chance of generating enough income thatcan support an indoor water park, which can range from 15,000 to20,000 square feet. Additionally, 30,000 to 40,000 square feet WaterPark2can be supported by hotels that have about 150 to 250 guest rooms

Heating,Ventilating $ Water Quality

Mostkiddie elements spray high amounts of water which result in highevaporation and humidity hence, providing maximum enjoyment for all.Excessive aeration leads to spread of chloramines and other compoundshuman health3.Such compounds may also lead to corrosion and deterioration of HVACsystems and other equipment that may cause harm to guests andvisitors.

Challengesof indoor water parks

Typically,projects of indoor park resorts are much bigger and hence requirehefty loans. Despite that the fact they are expensive, they addappeal and value to a hotel and are therefore necessary for everyprestigious and modern hotel. It has been noted that the number ofindoor water parks are increasing immensely each year. Almost everyprestigious hotel is considering investing in this to become morevaluable and attract more customers. However, this is becomingchallenge because they are typically expensive and requires diggingdeeper into the pockets.

Althoughit is notable that water park resorts are quite a success inhospitality industry, there are notable challenges because it is new.There are limited resources and information regarding theconstruction of these indoor parks. It is difficult to plan andbalancing the water parks and the guest rooms is often a challengingtask. Having this in mind, it means that every hotel managementshould employ the experts in this field, who happen to few and veryexpensive. This means that hotels will have to incur extremely higherconstruction costs in order to remain competitive.

Sincethe introduction of indoor water parks, air handling has proved to bea big challenge. Water splashes and gallons of water create a newkind of humid environment. This environment may not be favorable andmay interfere with the air indoor. Therefore, the hotels face anothermajor challenge of employing experts to contain the indoorenvironment. To maintain the humidity indoor, experts apply thetechnology of dehumidification, which could be expensive. The otherway is to change air for every 3 to 5 hours to make it similar to theair outside. This method proved to be equally unfriendly to thepocket. Either way, it is apparent that water park resorts are amajor challenge in hotel industry because they are costly andrequires the management to dig deeper into the pockets. The expensesare not only applied in the construction, but also in themaintenance hence, a long lasting liability.

Howto overcome the challenges

Usually,the developer’s main challenge is finance. From feasibilitystudies, projection of expenses verses revenues shows successes andthe trends of the industries. Studies are meant to educate both thelenders and the developers of what to expect. Thorough research byexperts helps the investors and lenders to understand all the costsand revenues expected from the resorts. This research determines theamount that the investor is required to invest in. On the other hand,it educates the lenders on the amount they are supposed to lend theirclients for efficiency and effectiveness. Notably, both the investorand the lender benefit greatly from these appraisals.

Itis expected that the financing of indoor water parks will becomeeasier in the future because as it is becoming the trend. Moreresearch is also in progress, which means that it will be cheaper toconstruct indoor water parks. Even the lenders are becoming easierwith the new innovation.


Itis essential to note that spraying of water indoors could lead toevaporation, which in return leads to environment change indoors.When there is much vapor indoors, this may be dangerous to hotels andthe people inside. This is so because excessive vapor is detrimentalto human health as it facilitates the acquisition and spread ofdiseases. As such, it is critical to control the humidity of the airinside as well as get rid of air borne contaminants. To control theair inside is not only crucial for the health of people inside, butalso for the protection of the building. Too much humid could destroythe building materials in the long run. Clients and the employeeswill also feel comfortable inside when the air is controlled.Building water resorts indoors could be disastrous if maintenance ispoor. It could also lead to wastage of money in the long run ifclients run away from facilities that are detrimental to theirhealth.


Inorder to make clients comfortable and enjoy the benefits of a hotel,some key factors should be considered. An indoor water park shouldhave a conscientious water treatment program that will maintain theenvironment inside. The program should be responsible of keepingenergy rates down as well as changing the air from time to time. Inaddition, it is crucial to do a feasibility study to tackle theproblem emanating from this new venture. These problems include lackof interests on the part of the lender as well as extremely highexpenses that resorts incur while building a water park indoors. Allin all, indoor water parks are increasingly becoming valuable andmore clients seems to enjoy them. Therefore, resorts need to do moreresearch on how to improve this new venture in order to remaincompetitive at a lower cost.


  1. Amanzoe resort should hire an expert to conduct a study that will help determine the feasibility and marketability of the indoor water park to actual and potential guests. The study will be of immense help in determining whether the water park will attract enough guests and visitors from Greece. Additionally, the study will help determine how large the water park should be depending on the number of expected guests.

  2. The study should help the resort determine guests’ preferences at the water park. For instance, the guests may prefer spas, slides, geysers, and rocks within the water park

  3. Further, it is of enormous significance that the resort engages a pool designer in the examination of the study design of the park as well as in determining the concepts appropriate for the park`s theme, and in determining footprint for the building. Do the same for the manufacturer of watersides’ engineers.


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