Naturalism Post 1&2

Naturalism Post 1&2




Thepast is critical to the LongDay’s Journey into Night.The past is seen to haunt the present. The past can be seen to playas a burden and as a refuge. From the perspectives of the characters,sins and mistakes in the past have fixed their present irrevocablythus, letting it go is not possible. The past can also be perceivedas a refuge because Mary uses it to run away from dealing with thepresent. From this work, different characters are obsessed to avarying degree with the past, and they are not capable of forgettingthe past. Despite forgiveness being seen as the only remedy to handlethe present, the characters have a hard time forgiving one another.The family seems to be paralyzed because of the incapacity of themembers to let go the past wrongs and pains. For example, Mary cannotbe forgiven for the promises she has broken as a result of heraddiction. On the other hand, Tyrone may not be forgiven due to hisstinginess. In the play, the past seems to be very alive and all thecharacters try to idealize the past with when things were bettercompared to the present.

Thepast almost plays a similar role in AStreetcar Named Desirebecause Blanche DuBois is unwilling to let the past go. However,Stanley seems to live in the present without letting the past haunthim like Blanche. Alcohol and drug abuse in LongDay’s Journey into Nightplay the role of connecting the present with the past sincecharacters such as Mary tries to escape the present by rememberingher use of drugs in the past. Drug abuse is critical in the buildingof the play since in every scene of the play, the audience isintroduced to Mary using morphine and the addiction increases as theplay continues.


Inthe LongDay’s Journey into NightEdmund and Jamie are looked up by their parents poorly because theparents do not seem to care much on the conduct of their sons. Thetwo sons are depicted to engage in careless behavior, which questionsthe caring responsibility of their parents. For instance, the playdepicts Edmund like a drunkard as well as a son that is afflictedwith tuberculosis as a result of consumption, and he has to spendsome time in a sanatorium. Likewise, his brother is not differentbecause he is involved in taking alcohol and squandering money onwomen. In case the two sons were looked up in a good way, they wouldbe showing good conduct in their actions. However, this is differentsince they seem to follow the conduct of their parents, where theyare involved in reckless behavior. The play depicts the two brothersas being different Edmund is different from Jamie because he isindicated as an intellectual. Jamie has dropped out of severalcolleges and he is depicted as having little ambition unlike hisbrother Edmund, who has been shown to have ambitions and hopes tobecome successful one day. Besides, Edmund is different from Jamiebecause he is indicated as being a hardworking son unlike hisbrother. The difference between these two brothers determines the wayin which their parents treat them the parents seem to have hope inEdmund since he is intelligent ad hardworking.

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Oneof the students posted that the past had a role of bringing acontrast between the lives that the characters are living at thepresent in LongDay’s Journey into Night.This can be seen as so because the characters seem to have adifference in their lives, when it comes to the present and thepresent. Another student had a similar opinion that the past had arole of haunting the present. The two students had a difference intheir opinion regarding whether the past had a similar role in AStreetcar Named Desire, whereone of the students indicated that the past had a similar role ofhaunting the present, but the other student had an opinion that thepast played the role of building on the present. Both studentsindicated that Edmund and Jamie had differences that made them to betreated differently by the parents.