NarrativeFamily Therapy

Whileat my house one evening the dove signals its arrival in a boisterousway when it falls down from the rooftop to the porch of my house thetime I was preparing beef stew. The first reaction I perceived at thecoming of the bird, which made its entry with a lot of ado, signifiedthat I would add it to my beef stew. I had never tasted before themeat of the pigeon and it occurred to me that it was the perfectchance to do so. After a series of contemplating the next step totake, the desire to satisfy my curiosity by mixing the exotic tasteto my preferred stew that evening grew stronger and in the enddecided to let it be.

Thisdecision came about when it dawn on me that eating the dove willsatisfy my immediate need, my curiosity and palate but when tomorrowcomes, I will still be hungry and the dove absent. On the other hand,the reason which facilitated my failure to kill the bird was largelydue to more curiosity. But what troubled me most was the nature ofthe dove’s visit, did it signified a good fortune of what wouldhappen in my life? I directed the question to no one in particular.

Afterwards,I began a week long affair with the dove and our initial formalintroduction indicated the bird was the drive-in dove fromnowhere-land. Every morning before I went for work in search of mydaily bread, I had an extra job to do of feeding the bird in additionto my normal chores which at the moment defined my predictable life.I fed the dove with a bowl of water and a handful of water. The foodI offered was not the preferred choice since I had not before kept adove as a pet, probably the presence of dogs in my house could notallow.

OnSaturday four days since our first acquaintance the pigeon flew tothe place I sat outside and perched on the seat (Kihuria, 2009). Inmy preferred calculation, the bird should have perched on myshoulders, but I perceived this as an act of trust between us andwhat is more, the dove attempted to acknowledge my hospitality andfeeding effort.

Ona daily basis two quail birds would invade the dove’s plate of riceand the bowl of water, as it attempts to chase one, the other wouldcome to eat as much as possible. This would continue until thedrive-dove leaves them to their naughty devices.

Exactlytwo weeks after the arrival of the bird, I left that morning for workjust like the other days but when I arrived in the evening, the dovewas at my doorstep. This was rather unusual phenomenon. Not takingseriously, I seized the bird and gave my usual acknowledgement andwent inside the house. After a short while, I came outside and thedove was nowhere in sight (Kihuria, 2009). I came to understand thedrive- dove from nowhere-land waited for me that evening to bid megoodbye, I was saddened it left before I came out but nevertheless Ihad delayed.

Tothe moment I had never understood why the dove came into my lifethough for a short while and for certain am not sure whether it willever come again. But in the story I was able to learn that we canestablish a lasting friendship with strangers that will serve to makeus motivated and inspired when we learn their story.


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