My Story

My Story


My name is Talal Alshammari, and I come from Saudi Arabia. I havethree sisters and two brothers who live in Hail, Saudi Arabia. Beforewe moved to the country, my parents lived in Kuwait, and they broughtme up in the country until the age of four. However, Circumstancesforced them to move to Hail where my family lives today.

The beliefs and attitude that I harbor have today a result of theinfluences of different people and systems. I take it to beconsistent with the ecological theory outlined by Bronfenbrenner thata person’s behavior is the results of influences from hi/herimmediate and external environments (Roughgarden et al., 2014). In mychildhood, I discovered I had a warm personality, and I make friendsvery fast. I am sociable, and I guess it the reason I have friendsfrom different backgrounds. Our culture and the tradition of ourfamily compel us to be mindful of other and we consider our friendsas brothers and sisters. I believe that my culture and parentalupbringing has shaped the way I take my friends and how I respond totheir issues. I am very sensitive about actions towards other people,and I would rarely do anything that would hurt my friends. I lovehelping them since it is so doing that I get a feeling of contentmentin any friendship. Most of my friends have recognized this, and theyalways come to me for help and I assist them in my means.

I am also sensitive about my health, and I always work out to keepfit. I have developed a rigorous weekly schedule that I try to followroutinely. I get information on the best fitness activities from myclose friends, from the internet and local magazines. These sourceshelp me to update my choice of recommended foods and a list ofactivities for a healthy living. A significant difference I havenoted between America and my home country is that there is a lot ofjunk food, and one is prone to obesity.

I love travelling and before I came to the United States of America,I got a chance to visit London, Dubai, Lebanon, Barcelona and Egypt. I enjoy experiencing the diversity of different places, and I alwayskeep a diary of the most intriguing moments in these countries. Iconsider travelling to other countries in Europe and America infuture to have a glimpse of other people’s way of life.

Three years ago, a tragic occurrence happened in our family, and itchanged our lives. My father succumbed to cancer and after herdemise we took quite some time before we could get things back tonormal. With the assistance of our relatives and friends, were weeable to accept his fate and moved on width our lives.

I came to America in 2013, and I was eager to experience a new way oflife. Contrary to what I had gathered from several people, theAmerican life is easy to adapt to, and it exposes one to endlessexperiences and international personalities. I got married two monthsago, and I intend to have several children to give the love that mymother always had for us. My next goal is to excel in my academicsand use the knowledge to explore the numerous opportunities that theworld has to offer.


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