My Nursing Ethics

My Nursing Ethics

&nbspPASSION: Whyam I here?

&nbspThe idea of saving lives and helping people gain relief fromand other disease afflictions makes nursing my most fulfillingprofession.


MOTIVATION:What moves me to act?

&nbspAlthough there are a myriad of challenges in this profession,nothing motivates me to continue offering the services like adesirable treatment outcome in a patient. The restoration of theirhealth gives them hope to go back to their normal lives and I alwaysfeel the urge to pass the same feeling to other patients.

INSPIRATION:What keeps me in motion?

&nbspI have listened to many nurses who have been in the professionfor a long time. Their accounts are have been my source ofinspiration and I believe I can achieve the great milestones justlike them.

LOYALTY: Whomdo I serve?

Iam loyal to the service of all the people who seek health servicesregardless of their background, gender, economic status, age, orsexual orientation. In delivering the services, I work under theguidance of nursing codes and ethics as outlined by the governingbody.