Musicians as a Discourse Community

Musicians as a Discourse Community

A discourse community is a group that inclines to a specific set ofgoals and objectives and they have an autonomous way of communicatingthese goals among themselves. The group has a unique way of life thatdefines them, and it has distinctive features. Their language hasfacets that are not common with the mainstream language in thecommunity, and the distinguishable feature may extend to their modeof dressing and social interactions. Musicians form a large discoursecommunity with a unique way of life. The group is conspicuous by theinstruments they use, the genres and expressions. They compose musicto express themselves or to achieve a higher purpose of information.

The community understands the imperative role played by the goalsthey set. The large community translates into a cut-throatcompetition. Therefore, whenever one wants to produce a new song, ithas to entertain the public for the musician to have a significantinfluence on the market as well as recover the cost of production.Also, musicians stick to their original genres that are consistentwith their goals and the intended instruments. When venturing intomusic, young artists identify their favorite songs of musicians andassociate themselves with that specific genre. For example, musicianscan either be pop, hip-hop or rock artists. They identify the entrypoints before establishing themselves. In all the genres,communication is through sung or recited texts that aim at passing acertain message. A close analysis would discover that every text thatthe musicians insert into their songs have other purposes apart fromentertaining. It can be a piece of advice, complain, an expression oreven a narration of their life.

Attire is a primary facet in this community. By just looking at theclothes worn by musician, it is possible to place them in theirrespective genres. For example, hip-hop genre associates with flashyclothes and accessories as well as flashy cars. The musicians in thisgenre also associate themselves with the street life full of pomp.Every genre has its unique attire orientation. The discoursecommunity has an intricate relationship with concert organizers. Forthem to remain relevant and make themselves a name, they have toimpress the public not only through the media but also in person. Theair of frenzy that reigns whenever a musician visits a certain localehas a significant effect on their fame.

The size of the community restricts it online interactions theeasiest way to communicate. The online platform gives them a chanceto listen to each other’s songs and learn new trends in theindustry. The media, therefore, has become synonymous withcelebrities with a complete release featuring the musicians and thetrending songs. Television channels across the world dedicatesignificant time to entertainment and people use them to rate thesongs that are doing extremely well. It is also an avenue foraspiring musicians to acquaint themselves with the most impactivesongs concerning the people’s preferences. The music communityworks closely with other communities like producers and eventorganizers. The producers put the pieces together to come up with acomplete hit choreographed for the intended audience. The concertorganizer set the ground from members of the community to get intouch with their fans.

In conclusion, musicians form one of the biggest discourse groups inthe world. Although they belong to different genres, their aim is tocommunicate to the people about an issue of importance and entertainthem.