Thispaper will discuss Keith as the character of choice from anoccupational therapy standpoint. Firstly, Keith has severalperformance skills, such as being a good communicator. Most of histime is spent talking to his family members. During the talks, hekeeps quiet and listens, which makes him a good listener. He also hasgood motor skills as evidenced in him trying to move himself and gethis own things done. He is more independent than dependent.Generally, he is a happy person with good interpersonal skills. Iknow this from the way he relates to his family members and strangerslike the girl in the hotel/bar.

Interms of client factors, Keith is physically fit for the game of quadrugby. He gets involved in physical exercise. He cannot move his legsfollowing the accident that injured the upper part of his spinalcord. Motion in his hands is also very limited. He cannot fold hishand to make a fist or greet someone. The fingers can only open, butnot close. He has to add some adhesive to his palm to maintain a goodgrip on the ball.

Quadrugby is a very masculine game. It requires physical fitness, whichmakes it necessary for players to exercise intensively frequently.This can be seen from how frequent the players train. The game itselfis very rough too. Players knock each other roughly. This has madesome of the players to be tough and pretty rough too. The use ofoffensive/abusive language during training and competition is commonamong many players, which can be attributed to the game.

Thebest way to help these players improve their skills is by encouragingthem to let go of memories of instances that led to their paralysisso that they can move on and tap into their full potential.


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