Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

MultipleChoice Questions


MultipleChoice Questions


Culturaldifference or ethnicity has become a surrogate for the race incontemporary Australian politics. It exhausts the whole discipline ofcontemporary racism residing in societal institutions, socialinteractions, and in political systems and rules that dictate what isright and deviant (Drum &amp Tate, 2012).


Antiterrorismwar, a distinct discourse of terrorism has sprouted as a means ofexpressing how the self-identity has changed and defining a state offrequent alert. Studies reveal that Australians believe that theircountry is at an imminent threat of terror aggression. This turn ofevent has damaged the “Aussie-identity” (Drum &amp Tate, 2012).


TheLabor Party can bounce to the socialist stand should a considerablenumber of Left-Wing Labor Party and PLP members obtain influentialpower and leadership of the party to topple the contemporary gang.


Affluenzatends to affect the rich different from the poor. For instance, thetoxic a combination of negligence, arrogance as well as recklessnessconstitute the prime characteristics that define the elite status.


InAustralia foreign workers are subject to different treatment asopposed to the local workers ranging from unfair remuneration,deprivation of standard workplace entitlements and visa access, topoor working conditions (Drum &amp Tate, 2012).


Genderinequality is often linked to other forms of inequalities in thesociety. These inequalities might stretch to economic, political,domestic, occupational, and educational power, among other forms ofsex imbalance.


Multiculturalismand Feminism in Australian are transformative ideologies on differentcourses striving to achieve change. However, the former seeks toenable cultural factions to preserve their cultural artifacts whilethe latter advances the concept of gender equality (Drum &amp Tate,2012).The conflict is whether to promote multiculturalism that wouldimply supporting the conservative framework of societies that presumewomen in a subservient position to men and effect, weakening thegoals of feminism.


Womencan realistically be equal in the workplace. The most fundamentalroot to this inequality rests in the patriarchal mindset thatoverflows the work environment. However, should all workers overlookthis perception and let women access equal job, position, power, andeducation, women will be equal. Besides, there exists noinsurmountable biological barrier against inequality.


Severalfactors drive a shift in Australians’ attitudes towards thepractice encompassing foreign influence social contact, generationalaffiliation and shifting attitudes. For instance, some countriespermitted homosexually. Thus Australia has followed their suit.


Drum,M., &amp Tate, J. W. (2012). Politics in Australia.