Amentor is a friend or person who guides one, most often a lessexperienced person by way of modelling a positive behavior, attitude,and building trust (Wilkes et al., 2011). Responsibilities of apositive mentor involve advice, knowledge, and resources shared withthe mentee with the intention of mentoring healthy relationship.Positive mentor is responsible with sharing information about his orher own successful career path, emotional support, motivation tosucceed, provide guidance, and role modelling towards achievingsuccess in a particular field (Wilkes et al., 2011). Positive mentorhelps the mentee to improve his or her skills and abilities throughassessment and observation.

Inmy life, my positive mentor has been my mother since I was young. Asmuch as I have been mentored by several mentors, my mother has beeninstrumental in instilling certain behaviors that saw me overcomehardship. One behavior he instilled in me ever since, was developinga positive outlook towards life. My mother helped me go through toughsituations, while she showed me to identify opportunities in thedifficult scenarios I faced. My mother is always inquisitive andcurious. I adopted her behavioral traits, which has since helped megrow in knowledge and skills. Additionally, my mother is a goodlistener. I adopted her listening skills, while cautioning me to becareful when agreeing and disagreeing.

Mymother has been a positive mentor to me through having a genuinedesire in my life and what I am going through. She has helped me inmaking tough decisions and seeing them through the best way I can. Mymother has also invested so much in nurturing my relationship withothers, while aiming to make a difference. In addition, all throughher mentoring, she allowed my space to respect individuals and theirefforts, while letting me make my own decisions. She often approachwith respect to my decisions, and at the same time, handle my wrongdoing with dignity.


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