Memo Requesting Information Memo

Memo Requesting Information Memo


MemoRequesting Information


To:All new employees


September 9, 2015

Request for information about retirement benefits package

Ithas come to my attention that most of the newly recruited employeesare willing to select a retirement benefit package from an informedpoint of view. However, there are some common details that I requirefrom each employee. Kindly type and print the following details your current age and planned retirement age, minimum level of annualincome you need in retirement for recurring expenses, anticipatedspecial circumstances in retirement (such as children’s collegetuition or weddings), your desired lifestyle during retirement, andcurrent rate of savings.

Thedetails considered herein will help each of the employees premeditateand have some clue of what you wish to achieve from the retirementpackage of their choice. I am kindly requesting each of you to thinkand consider the available options when typing the requestedinformation. This is because the information will provide willdetermining the type of retirement plan, which will in turn influencethe quality of life that you, will lead during retirement. Therefore,each of you will be able to make an informed decision that willaffect you during you old age. The details will also help me deliverquality advice and ensure that each employee select the retirementpackage that meet their respective desires.

Onceyou have the final document, you can book an individual appointmentwith me so that we can discuss on the retirement package that suityour needs and on the basis of the details aforementioned.

Thankyou for taking time to read the details of this memo. I am lookingforward to seeing you in my office with a copy of the mentioneddetail. Feel free to contact me in case you need more informationusing the contact information provided below.


421E Drachman

TucsonAZ 85605-7698


Email:[email protected]




September 9, 2015

Request for a favor

Iam writing regarding an email etiquette workshop that will be hostedby one of my loyal clients, named LabCorp. The chief manager atLabCorp had requested me to prepare a one hour email etiquetteworkshop, but I will not be within the town next week. I would liketo request you to do the workshop on my behalf because I will not beavailable during the requested time. The workshop will be held nextweek during a professional training retreat that will be attended by25 people. As you understand, losing or disappointing a loyal clientin our profession means a lot. Unfortunately, I had an earlierinvitation for a similar workshop outside the town during the sameday. To this end, I am kindly requesting you to do me a favor andprepare and deliver the workshop on my behalf.

Ifyou accept my request, your audience will be the 25 employees ofLabCorp. From the past experience, the audience is time conscious,and I would advise you to limit your presentation within theallocated time of one hour. In addition, the team will be glad if youlimit the scope of the workshop to etiquette in the context ofprofessional communication. If you accept my request, you willreceive all the benefits (both financial and non-financial) thatLabCorp) to give me.

Iam well informed about the fact that you have not presented an emailetiquette workshop before, but I have adequate materials (includingmy past power point presentations, group activities, and handoutmaterials) that I hope will give you an overview of what is expectedin such workshops.

Iam looking forward towards your timely response so that I can keep myclient informed. I will be grateful if you accept my kind request.

ABCConsulting Agency

Email:[email protected]