Relevanceof studying marketing in the current business world

Inthe every changing environment, marketing is a critical managementactivity in many organizations and is more relevant in sharpeningcompetition at local, international and national levels. The study ofmarketing derives its origin in the exchange process where value isreceived and given. The study is concerned with trying to comprehendhow the consumers and the customers behave, evolution and functioningof the market, relationship between the markets and identifying themarket contribution to the performance of the organization andwelfare of the society.

Thestudy is important in that one will understand the key management andbusiness areas which are inclusive of international business,finance, CSR and finance. It assist in development of the skills thatare sought after by the employees in the current business environmentto consolidate the existing talent and learn the new skills. Thestudy also helps an individual to connect with the public andbusiness sector of a given organization which will ensure that theskills and knowledge needed in the real world is grounded

Thestudy about marketing enables a person to deliver value to customerswhich translates to the firm since it develops a reliable customerbase and also increases profitability and sales. In the currentbusiness world, it is important to study marketing to be able to helpthe society through improving the lives of people. For instance, thelives of people can be improved through facilitating trade. Bettermarketing means that the companies will be more successful. Thismeans that wealth for people will be generated who in essence makethe purchases. Through the study, an individual organization can getopportunities between the consumers and producers. This means that itis the one function of the organization where the whole businesscomes together.