Management of Negative Hotel Reviews

Management of Negative Hotel Reviews

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Managementof Negative Hotel Reviews

Exampleof a Negative review There was ‘poo in the kettle…” Reviewed11 September 2011

Donot stay in this absolute dump of a hotel, and I use the term hotelvery loosely.I cannot convey strongly enough how disgustingthis place is. Blood stained headboards that have clearly been upsince the world war (the first one), rude staff, windows that won`tclose, no hot water, broken furniture, dirty utensils, broken lightfixings and actual poo in the kettle. Pretty sure I`m going to end upwith some sort of rash/ disease due to sanitation conditions similarto those of a homeless crack head. In summary…this place is acomplete hole.

Thereis a constant use internet by guests to share their experiences inhotels in sites such as TripAdvisor. Online hotel reviews influencesguests’ decisions to stay and new visitors’ choice of the hotels.Negative reviews have a significant impact on the hotel’s image tothe general public and can reduce the number of customerssignificantly. Therefore, such negative reviews should be addressedas fast as possible to avoid a bad reputation that may decreasesales. The hotel management responses to these negative reviewsinfluence the hotel image and the intent to stay. This essaydiscusses how to handle a negative review from a customer as thegeneral manager of the hotel. It draws its example from a negativereview on Bluebird Hotel left by a dissatisfied customer and how Ican handle the scenario as the general manager of the hotel.

Uponreceiving such a negative review as the general manager of theBluebird Hotel, I would take the matter very seriously and carry outa serious investigation in all the areas mentioned by the customer.The first thing is to check the records to identify the room that thecustomer was booked into. Then visit the room to check on itscondition and clarify claims of the bloodstained headboard, brokenfurniture that needs replacement, difficult to close windows, andlight fixings that are broken. After this, I would investigate thestaff’s attitude and handling of customers to make sure they arenot rude as mentioned and finally the issue of “poo in the kettle.”

Tosolve the situation, the hotel’s management should respond to thereview carefully. First, thank the customer for the feedback and sendhim/her sincere regrets for the bad experience and apologize for thebad conditions. Finally, explain the actions taken to preventrecurrence of the problems after the investigation. The rooms shouldbe renovated to fix any identified problems and broken furniturereplaced. The guest should also be refunded his/her money if thecomplaints are confirmed to be true and invited for an offlinediscussion on the improvements needed.

Callingthe guest is the best channel of communication. Calling offersvarious advantages as opposed to the use of email and messages. Tostart with, calling gives the customer and the hotel’s management achance to engage in a conversation with the guest. He/she can askquestions and the management can respond to them. The management alsogets a chance to listen to the customer’s complaints and putthemselves in his/her shoes. It also substantiates the claims putforward by the customer and provides insight on the customer’sneeds, therefore, develop strategies to meet them. Calling also showsthe customer that you care about them promoting a good image of thehotel.

Afterthe issues have been resolved, I would develop strategies to maintainhigh standards of the hotel and start building a new betterreputation. Routine inspection of rooms should be done to ensure thattheir conditions are up to standards. Training of employees incustomer management practices should be done to ensure competence inhandling them. Rude workers should face disciplinary action torectify their actions. Performance evaluations should also be doneand outstanding employees appraised to motivate others to raise theirstandards. Finally, I would advise satisfied customers to review thehotel as well to improve our image to the public and increaserevenues. In conclusion, the response taken by the management towardscomplains and negative reviews by guests is important in the hotelindustry. Therefore, the management should be respondingappropriately and rectify the problems so as to promote customersatisfaction. These actions improve the hotel’s image and increaserevenues.

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