Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy Question 1

Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy Question 1

LookingBackward by Edward Bellamy


Inhis novel, Edward Bellamy demonstrates optimism to the Americansociety about the future of humanity in two ways. First, EdwardBellamy gives Americans the optimism by describing the ability ofhuman beings to reason to make life better and to solve problematicsituations. In the description by Edward Bellamy, he writes about autopian American, where he explains about a society that will survivethe challenges of the future because of the using of human reason. Hegives optimism that the ability of human reason will be bigger thanit was at the time, big enough to build a stronger society in thefuture. This opened a window of human imagination over the utopianAmerica,

Secondly,Edward Bellamy demonstrates optimism of the late 1800 by describingthat the human goodness can change the world by adopting bettereconomic systems that will eliminate wastage and promote efficiency.In the book, he explains that humanity will have gone up to the topby having better civilization after solving chaos (Bellamy 9). Thisexplanation in page nine gives an idea of how better the future willbe and how people will dominate the world with better way of living.This better way of living is what he means by saying that humancivilization will be better. In his optimistic tone, he sells abelief that the future American society will be better than it was atthe time. He achieved this by selling a belief to the Americans thathumanity can achieve the highest level of rationality and create abetter society and economy.


EdwardBellamy’s book was so influential in the American society becausehe gave hope to a society facing social-economic crisis. He explainsthat the economy of the future America will be better in production.The book influenced the view of the American society by taking a lookat the future in an optimistic manner despite the challenges Americawas facing at the time. He achieved this by optimistically looking atthe future of the economic system and the American political society.In addition, Edward’s book is influential because it covers a longperiod of time, which makes it relevant since its publication todate.

Ithink Edward Bellamy was influential because he explained a bettercountry with better and peaceful working place, where there was noproblems between the employers and the employees. I think this iswhat touched the Americans the most, because there were a lot oflabor problems in the time. This was the case in the American societyat the especially in late nineteenth century, with workers andemployers having labor problems (Bellamy 23). Therefore, by givingAmericans a hope of better working relationships, the book becamevery influential. Through the optimistic description, Edward Bellamygives hope to Americans that humanity will have a better future.


TheBradbury Building relates to Edward’s “Looking Backward” bookbecause it design and building was inspired by the book. Bellamy’sdescription of the planning of utopian urban centers significantlyinfluenced the construction of the Bradbury Building. It looks likethe book was focusing on describing how the future will be, which Ibelieve is what utopia is about. This idea is what the building seemsto show in its design. This is what the building has to do with thebook.


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