Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona

Businesses use different platforms to reach their clients and to givethe descriptions of their goods. Websites are some of the imperativeplatforms where ventures meet with their competitors and use variousmethods to woo their customers. The is a majorwebsite that supports the locally owned businesses to create avibrant community that is proud of the local initiatives. It is astatewide non-profit organization that celebrates local businesses bygiving them a platform to build their image as well as educatingconsumers on the importance of strengthening the local economy. Thisrhetorical analysis will lay insight on the role played by the LocalFirst Arizona in building a healthy economy as well as theappropriateness of the platform for both the businesses and theconsumers.

The principle aim of local first Arizona is to develop a communitythat feels proud of its efforts in developing their state. Accordingto the LFA, when people develop a sense of pride, they own up thedevelopmental activities in the society without necessarily relyingon inducements. They participate in volunteer work, and they exercisetheir democratic rights fully ().Suchcharacteristics only manifest in the community if all thestakeholders become acquainted with economic, civic and culturalbenefits that accrue from a stable economy.

Consumers are becoming aware of the inconsistencies of the benefitsoutlined by national stores with a chain in their states, and theyare, therefore, striving towards achieving a sense of associationwith businesses in their localities. According to LFA, there is ahigh retention and recirculation of money when citizens spend it inthe locally owned ventures. The connection to a locality is thesingle most prominent indicator of development in a community (LocalFirst Arizona). LFA understands this logic, and it works towardscreating a sustainable community by facilitating the ownership oflocal business capacities. The non-profit organization is aware thatexisting trends show that the rising generation wants a diverse andsustainable locality. They want to identify themselves withparticular cultural interests and efficient infrastructuralfacilities. To build such a locality, ownership of the localinitiatives is imperative.

As a non-profit making organization, LFA stands a chance to representthe interests of the local without partisan interests. The platformdoes not have exclusive affiliations with any local business, and itgives them equal opportunities to reach the consumers. It works withconsumers, business leaders, and policy makers to achieve acomprehensive approach towards the ownership and sustainability ofthe locals firms (). The inclusion of all therelevant parties represents the interests of the whole community.

LFA creates a definite appeal to the public for its dedication touplifting the state. As an online platform, locals can access itvirtually from any place, and this is in line with the trendinginternet based business practices. It is cost efficient andcompetitively fair for companies to put their information unlike inthe paid sites ().

In conclusion, the above points exhaust the role played by LFA in thestate by providing business ventures and consumers a platform to meetwith a non-profit motive. Its primary aim is to create ownership ofthe local institutions to increase participation in civic, politicaland economic matters. Its comprehensive approach of involving allstakeholders represents the interests of the whole community. Thereis a need to have an evaluation of whether the initiative hassuccessfully achieved its mandate of achieving a sustainable Arizona.

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