Local Agency Exploration

Local Agency Exploration


LocalAgency Exploration

Part1: Personal Details

1. Firstand Last name:

2. Net

3. UIN:

Part2: Description of the Community Agency

1.Agency ABC Counseling

2.Full Address: ABC Counseling – Champaign, 313 N. Mattis Suite 115Champaign, IL 61821

3. Phonenumber: 217.403.0790, Fax: 217.403.0885

4. Website:http://www.abccounseling.org/

5. Hoursof operation (days and times): 9am to 5pm

6. Isthis a Campus or Community Agency? Explain.

Thisis an agency that serves the whole community of Champaign and notjust on the campus. It was registered as ABCCounseling &amp Family Services, Inc to serve all the people in thesociety.

Part3: Agency History and Services (35points)

1.Years in operation: 23 years

2.Mission statement:

Themission is “Toprovide specialized evaluation and treatment to youth that are eitherthe victims of sexual abuse or have sexual behavior problems and tohelp their families heal from the trauma of sexual abuse” (ABCCounseling, 2015). To fulfill this mission, the agency extendsservices to adoption services, counseling women, especially thoseexperiencing unexpected pregnancies.

3.When, where, and why was it founded in CU?

Theagency was founded as ABCCounseling &amp Family Services, Incin 1992 in Illinois as a private non-sectarian agency. It was alsofounded as a private non-profit organization to meet the need forspecialized services to sexually related problems.

4.List all of the sexuality-related services this resource provides anddescribe each of these services (keep numbering included below).

a.Youth Sexual Abuse Counseling: this is a service that is specializedto the young people who are victims of sexual abuse in the society.The agency provides support to the young people and counsels them toregain their confidence in life.

b.Child sexual abuse victim support: this service is offered to supportthe people who have experienced sexual abuse in the society. Theygive the support services to help victims get treatment and socialsupport.

c.Sexually problematic children services: this service seeks to helpchildrenexhibiting sexually problematic behaviors to guide them to normalsexual behavior. For this service, the agency undertakes acomprehensive evaluation to the youth with this problem and guidesthem towards regaining normal sexuality.

d.Exposure to Pornography services: this service seeks to assist theyoung people who are having problems with pornography. The agencyseeks to assist the young people to avoid pornography on TV, Videos,Internet and other media.

5.Policies and status

Thisis because ABC focuses its services on individuals who haveexperienced sexually related issues and abuses. The counseling offerscomprehensive counseling services to young people who are affected bysexual abuse and problems in sexual behavior. According to theagency, ABC Counseling is one of the few agencies that offerspecialized rehabilitation for the youth having sexual problems incentral Illinois (ABC Counseling, 2015). At ABC counseling, theybelieve that sexual education and rehabilitation is the key tobreaking sexually related problems and sexual abuse in the society.This makes ABC Counseling an appropriate agency for this task. Thereis no certain age to acquire their services. Moreover,

6.Are of operation

TheABC Counseling is an agency in Champaign County. However, ABCCounseling in the county is part of the operations of the agency inIllinois.

7.List of upcoming events this agency will host during the fall 2015:

Thereare no current events that can be seen on the website and thepublications of the agency. This is because the agency has eventsthat are past or far in the future. One of the main events that werevisible on the ABC Counseling website was the counseling date set forApril 29 at 2016 in Doubletree&nbspbyHilton. The event is called “Savethe Date” which aims at receiving gifts and donations from thefundraisers for the agency. This event is listed on the website inthe updates section, and no other place I could locate the events.

8.What textbook chapter will you discuss below? List relevantinformation here:

a. Textbookchapter number: Perspectives on Human Sexuality

b. Chaptertitle: 8

Part4: Critique of the Agency

1.In the space below, describe how the agency reflects content in yourtextbook chapter. In what ways did your agency agree or disagree withthe way the textbook has explored this topic? Provide at least twospecific examples from the textbook.

Theagency agrees with the chapter on the perspectives of humansexuality. This is because it gives support to different young peopleaffected by the different aspects of human sexuality.

a.For example, the ABC Counseling agrees with the textbook on theimpact of sexuality to young people. Therefore, it providesconfidential support to the affected by sexual problems in theChampaign and Illinois. According to Strong et al (2012), the abilityto consult with the youth and create awareness about sexual behaviorhelps in intervening in the sexuality problem.

b.The second example agrees with chapter 8 is on pornography and itseffect on the young people. Therefore, the ABC Counseling providessupport and counseling to youth affected by pornography

2.In the space below, describe how the agency reflected content fromour lecture. In what ways did your resource agree or disagree withinformation from lecture and/or any guest speakers? Provide at leasttwo specific examples from the lecture and/or guest speakers.

a.The agency agrees with the lecture about the influence of the mediaon the sexual behavior of the young people. Therefore, ABC Counselinggives the young person`s educated on how to avoid media content.

b.The second example of how ABC Counseling agrees with the lecture ishow they provide education against the use of pornography.

3.Our class tries to examine sexuality objectively, learning aboutdiffering perspectives without judging them. How well does thisagency present information according to our course goal ofobjectivity? Use two examples from the agency’s website or brochureto explain.

a.An example of how ABC Counseling objectively learns about differingperspective without judging, is when it appreciates all people whoseek counseling.

b.The other example is shown by the provision of adoption services forthe children resulting from unplanned pregnancies (ABC Counseling,2015).

4.Is this agency a positive resource for UIUC students? Provide twospecific examples about why or why not.

a.The ABC Counseling is a positive resource for UIUC students becauseit gives the services that relate to the young people, students beingyoung people.

b.In addition, the ABC Counseling offers a positive resource for UIUCstudents because it addresses the sexual problems that young peopleface. Specific examples are counseling youth affected by pornographyand early pregnancy.

5.Make two specific recommendations for additional materials,information, or strategies that would improve this agency’s websiteand/or brochure, Explain why you would make these recommendations,and include relevant information you learned in class whereapplicable.

a.I would recommend that ABC Counseling states on the website about theevents that are upcoming on their calendar. This will help people tolearn about their services and the calendar schedule.

b.I would also recommend that the ABC Counseling enumerates the pastevents and how their progress was. This will give the young peoplethe insight about the programs that the agency does.


ABCCounseling, 2015, Retrieved From, &lthttp://www.abccounseling.org&gt

Strong,B., Yarber, W., &amp Sayad, B. (2012). HumanSexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America.new York: McGraw-Hill Education