Living Environmental Worksheet

Living Environmental Worksheet

Living Environments Worksheet

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LivingEnvironmental Worksheet

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LivingEnvironments Worksheet

Usethis worksheet to identify and describe five different livingenvironments for the aging population. The environments shouldprogress from most to least independent.

Write50- to 150-word responsesto the following questions. Useyour own words and provide examples to support your answers.

  1. Which of these environments were you already familiar with? Explain your answer.

Ihave heard about all the five environments, but I am more familiarwith independent living, continuing care retirement communities, andassisted living. I became familiar with these facilities by workingas an intern and visiting them quite often. Working as an intern inthese facilities gave me an opportunity to work and interact withprofessionals who have been taking care of older adults for manyyears. Most importantly, my interaction with the seniors helped meunderstand the differences in levels of independence, servicesoffered, and perception of older adults about their level of freedomin these facilities.

  1. Which environment do you feel is the most important or least important? Explain why.

Allliving environments may be considered to be significant because theyhelp older adults cope with different problems. However, CCRC is themost significant environment. This is because it offers seniors withthe option to continue living in an independent facility and transferthem to a different unit in case they fall sick and need specialmedical care (Robinson, Saisan &amp Russell, 2015). This impliesthat seniors living in the CCRC environment can lead an independentlife and become hospitalized within the same campus when they getsick, which makes CCRC an exceptional environment. An independentliving environment, on the other hand, can be considered to be lessimportant. This is because it does not provide medical as well asnursing care that older adults need from time to time (Medicare,2015). In addition, the role of an independent living in the societyhas been taken up by CCRC facilities that offer other services, inaddition to offering apartments for seniors.


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