Literary Elements Part I

Literary Elements Part I



Forthe purpose of this assignment, I focused more on the 21stcentury artists and songs. I choose the song TakeCareby Drake featuring Rihanna. The song is full of artistic vision. Thesong tells about two lovers who had earlier undergone heartbreak. Thetwo promise to support each other despite the fears they carry fromprevious relationships. When the two lovers exchange their vows, theliterary elements bring out the power of the song. Drakes says, “I’llbe there for you, I will care for you, I keep thanking you.” Inresponse, Rihanna says, “if you let me, here’s what I will doI’ll take care of you” (YouTube). The beauty and the artistry ofthe song do not only rely on the lyrics, but to the voice as well.Rihanna has a soft voice that allures her audience. Likewise, it isalso hard to differentiate if Drake is rapping or singing. The musicvideo also depicts literary elements. In the video, Drake has worn aT-shirt and is dancing in black and white show. Additionally, thevideo uses symbols as literary elements, for instance, animals toexpress the pain of love. From the video, arrows can also harm strongbeautiful bull, and the free flying birds require a tree to land on.


Ichoose to read the novel, “The prophet of the Great SmokeyMountains,” primarily due to its title. Personally, I lovemountains and I believe I will enjoy reading the novel. The booktells more about the prophet of the Great Smokey Mountains (Murfree1).So far, mountains are the most peaceful places that I have visited.After reading the description in the first pages, I flashbacked byvisits to the mountain. This increased my eagerness to read more, andI look forward to read the novel to the end.


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