Learning Reflection 1

Learning Reflection 1


LearningReflection 1

Negativecriticism towards language learners is almost inevitable in manycountries. According to Bab (2013), criticism acts as a barrier toefficient language learning. Personally, I take people who reactnegatively to English learners, as persons with little information onthe importance of learning this language not only in the United butall over the world. I would make it an obligation to teach communitystakeholders the importance of learning English. English is acomprehensive subject and learners take time to learn it and put itinto practice either through fluent speaking or writing. It isimportant to create awareness among community stakeholders to supportEnglish learners to overcome the various challenges in learningEnglish rather than negatively criticizing them. Negative criticismkills the morale and commitment of students towards mastering Englishand hence the need to make community stakeholders aware of theadverse impacts of their negative reactions towards the learners.

Asa teacher, there is the need to effect some changes to deal withconfrontational issues such as negative criticism towards Englishlearners. First, there should be a change in attitude to deal withchallenging issues effectively. A teacher is a role model to thestudents and hence required to make wise decisions to addressdifficult situations. For instance, as a teacher, I should take thetime to have a clear understanding and make sound decisions to dealwith the negative criticism efficiently. As a teacher, I should alsochange the way I look at conflicts either among my students or peoplein the wider community. A teacher is not expected to side with anyparty when confronted with a conflict. Instead, a teacher should takeneutral ground, find the root causes of the conflict andprofessionally deal with the challenging situation.


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