Leadership Experience

Leadership Experience

Leadership experience

The two chapters areconcerned with leadership skills. A favorable business environment isneeded for both the employees and the management. Leaders should havean ethical tone when they are managing so that the employees canemulate from his or her leadership. Ethical standards of conduct areparamount for the leaders since failure implies that virtues likehonesty, good communication skills and moral principles will not beattained. As a leader, one should have management skills that willcreate a favorable working environment both to the employees andother management levels.

The information isapplied when one is given the managerial position in theorganization. Leadership skills must be part and parcel of leaders sothat they can attain the mission and vision of the company. Courageis needed for the leaders since sometimes challenges are experienced,and one has to cope-up with those issues in a courageous manner(Adair, 2010). Communication is paramount to the leaders, and thusone must be able to persuade others to follow the rules andregulation set.

What has surprisedme about leadership is that as a leader one should have authoritarianmanagement. It implies that as a leader am supposed to have a tighttop-down control so that others who are down can follow the rules andregulation according to the organization constitution. Additionally,I have learned that standardization and specialization are encouragedby authoritarian leaders for the purpose of efficiency and attainmentof timeframe. Lastly what has surprised me is the servant leadershipthat encourages one to offer services to self-interest (Adair, 2010).Currently, it is very hard for the leaders to be servant leader sincethey aim to get money and other beneficial allowances from thatleadership.


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