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Lead and Nut Graph

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Story1: Accident Fire Report

Thefire department reported two overnight fires. The first fire isreported to have happened at a storeroom at the IGA at 135 KentuckyAve. This is believed to have occurred at around 10:30 pm.unfortunately, the cause of the fire is yet to be known. The fire isalso believed to have caused damages of up to $450 which was damageto canned goods. Another fire is also reported to have occurred in agarage involving a car at 630 Orcutt Ave. Which happened at 11 p.m.the cause of the fire is believed to have been as a result of acigarette that ignited some papers on the one of the car`s seats. Thefire caused damage to the extent of $1200. The car was owned byDennis Held who was pulled out of the car by his wife after she hadseen a smoke. Dennis had fallen asleep as he listened to a baseballgame in his car. He was treated for minor burns at the communityhospital and discharged. The authorities did not report damage butcalled o citizens to be vigilant and alert to avoid such dangerousinstances

Story2: Weather Report

Theweather bureau has made an astonishing about the range of temperaturerecord over the last twenty-four hours. The record shows thattemperature over that period have ranged from a lower of 25 DegreesCelsius at 5 a.m. to the highest of 40 Degrees Celsius at 2 p.m. itis the third consecutive day that the temperature has recorded anunseasonably cold weather. History was made because this morning, thetemperature of 25 Degrees Celsius recorded was the lowest to berecorded at the same time of the year in about fifteen years. Theall-time temperature to have been previously recorded in history wasin 1880 at 15 Degrees Celsius while the all-time highest for the samedate was 69 Degrees Celsius recorded in 1991. The weather bureauforecast temperature for the day is lows of 40 Degrees Celsius andhighs of 50 Degrees Celsius and further forecast an end to the suddencold snap.

Story3: District Attorney Planned Talk

PaulRobinson, the district attorney, and calls to say he will address theconvention at a National Conference of Prosecutors convened inChicago on July 23 where about 1,500 district attorneys will meet.The main theme of his address will be about the career-criminaltracking system that he says he has begun to use here. The system isdesigned to identify the frequent offender of crimes on arrest.Thereafter, an assistant district attorney is immediately assigned tothe case and follows it, beginning with the arraignment of theoffender and other subsequent measures. The purpose is to avoid pleabargaining with the resultant lenient sentences and probation forthese offenders who come back to the society worse than they were, hesays. Robinson says the latest data from various research and casestudies show that career criminals commit (61) percent of allhomicides, (76) percent of all rapes, (73) percent of all robberiesand (65) percent of all aggravated assaults. This is an improvementin the criminal cases and fight against crime given the long recordof criminal activities in Chicago. It is the hope of everyone thatthe new system will receive the requisite support to improve thefight against crime.