Irontown Case Study Measuring an Applicant`s Characteristics

Irontown Case Study Measuring an Applicant`s Characteristics

IrontownCase Study: Measuring an Applicant’s Characteristics


IrontownCase Study: Measuring an Applicant’s Characteristics

IrontownIncorporation recognizes the vital role played by employees in theachievement of its goals and objectives. More so, Irontown greatlyfocuses on the productivity of the customer service representatives(CSRs) who directly reflect the image of the company. This is becausethey assist customers directly and, therefore, have a great impact inportraying the image of Irontown. My previous review on Irontownaddressed human resource issues in terms of satisfying the needs ofthe employees. The customer service representatives had exploitativeworking conditions which needed amendment so as to ensure thatemployee morale was kept in check. This is in line with the fact thatemployee morale goes hand in hand with employee productivity. In thatcontext, my previous review gave sustainable recommendations toincorporate flexible working patterns for employees, especially interms of working hours and shifts. However, this strategy alone isineffective in maximizing productivity. Subsequently, the humanresource department needs to revise its hiring practices so as toguarantee the reliability of the potential employees prior to hiringthem. Special interest is vested in the customer servicerepresentatives in terms of attendance. In this review, therefore, Ianalyze the current hiring procedures with the sole aim ofestablishing an efficient and effective strategy to hire qualified,competent and reliable individuals.

CurrentHiring Practices At Irontown Incorporation

Irontownemployees, hiring is mainly based on the recruitment of customerservice representatives of level 1 (CSR 1). These representativeshave the responsibility of catering for the needs of the customersand are thus taken through a training session to equip them withrelevant skills. The human resource department has a basic procedureto determine the competencies and characteristics of the potentialemployees. The job application form is filled on a computer terminalin the human resource office and is meant to capture the followingdetails on the potential employee:

  • Fluency in English, (reading, writing and speaking)

  • Good attendance and availability for either morning or evening shift

  • Ability to manage conversations with demanding customers

  • Basic computer keyboarding skills and accurate data entry

Strengthsof Irontown Hiring Practices

Tobegin with, the job application captures the language skills of theapplicants. This is a vital aspect of the job description becauseCSRs need to be effective in communication with the customers.Additionally the basic computer skills are assessed in theapplication form. This is a relevant domain in customer service whichgoes hand in hand with data entry. Irontown aims at having anemployee pool that can access customer information with ease and alsorecord new data accurately and at maximum speed.

Weaknessesof Irontown Hiring Practices

Themain weakness of Irontown’s hiring is the ultimate random selectionof applicants based on whether they are flexible to work any shift.Once a substantial pool of applicants is developed, the HumanResource department randomly selects applicants from the pool andinquires if they can work any shift. Those who are available areinvited to complete the two-week training period. This is a poorselection strategy as it has no professional basis. Random selectionis baseless and goes against the human resource management, ethics,which advocates for hiring based on merit. As a result, Irontown maybe locking out valuable employee assets.


Thehuman resource department at Irontown Incorporation should considerhiring CSR 1 applicants on a fixed shift. This can be done byproviding a slot for filling shift preferences, either morning orevening shift. Alternatively, the human resource can develop arotational schedule, in that applicants will have to rotate asrequired. This will ensure that applicants have prior knowledge ofthe shifts at hand and will adjust well to their working schedules.

Secondly,Irontown’s human resource should incorporate an oral interview todetermine the communication skills of the applicants. Good writingskills do not always translate into efficient communication skills.Some individuals may be very effective at data entry and writingskills, but may be very poor in communication, and vice versa. Thehuman resource should, therefore, conduct an oral test, in additionto the written test, to comprehensively analyze the language skillsof the applicants given the nature of customer service. (Armstrong,2010)

Mostimportantly, Irontown Incorporation should put in place software tomanage the attendance of employees. These are commonly known as thetime and attendance management systems which have been developed toaid the human resource departments in monitoring employee attendance.These systems allow an organization to set its schedules as itpleases. The time and attendance systems accurately assess the timean employee is at work, overtime hours and keeps track of holidaysand off days. Most organizations link the attendance system to thepayroll and therefore employees are compensated fully only when theywork all their hours, upon managers approval. This system will notonly relieve Irontown managers of the tedious task of following upemployees on their attendance but also give employee’sself-discipline and motivation. (Disselkamp, 2009)

Legaland Ethical Issues in Hiring

Inthe hiring process, Irontown‘s human resource department should becareful not to discriminate against applicants. Discrimination occursin terms of race, gender, religion, age, disability and nationalorigin. Discrimination in the hiring process has serious legalrepercussions in case of detecting bias by the applicants. Therefore,hiring should be purely based on merit in the legal aspect and alsoin the human resource ethics. However, affirmative action may callfor the favoritism of special groups which have faced discriminationin the past such as the disabled. Therefore, affirmative action isallowed as it incorporates minorities into the employee pool.(American Bar Association, 2006)

Irontownshould also ensure that the job interviews and application forms onlyask for relevant information from the applicants. In addition, itshould prepare a well-thought job description with all the details onthe duties and responsibilities of the employees. This will ensureclarity and integrity of the employer to avoid friction which canlead to legal battles which might ruin the organization’s image.(Armstrong, 2010)


Aneffective and efficient hiring system is vital to the success of anyorganization. The job market is highly dominated by employers and,therefore, important for Irontown to develop a hiring system thatcaptures a wide variety of employees to incorporate a wider talentpool. Therefore, Irontown should amend its hiring practices so as tocapture relevant skills and talent in their employee pool, byconsidering the legal and ethical issues, and also the nature of itsoperations. A combined effort by the human resource department andthe employee pool will guarantee the success and growth of IrontownIncorporation.


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