Interview Questions

Interview Questions


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The following are the interviewquestions touching on physical, cognitive and socioemotionaldevelopment of middle-aged people. These questions are based onLevinson, Vaillant and Erickson theories.

  1. What is the main focus of life at middle stage of adulthood?

  2. Is there a legacy you have build so far in life?

  3. Are you satisfied with the contribution you have made so far in life?

  4. Do you experience any form of stagnation at middle stage adulthood?

  5. Which conflicts are you experiencing at this stage?

  6. Have you resolved these conflicts?

  7. Are you experiencing middle-life crisis?

  8. Which major life events have you encountered?

  9. How do you balance socializing versus sexualizing in human relationships?

  10. At this stage do you value wisdom or physical powers?

  11. What is the level of emotional impoverishment versus emotional flexibility?

  12. Do you experience stress and personal control struggles?

  13. Are you stable of your career at the moment?

  14. Is there a change in Romantic love at middle-stage adulthood?

  15. What is the level of intergenerational relationship at this stage in life?