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AnnieHall and Taxi Driver Trailers

AnnieHall trailer is all about relationships. A young New York City TVauthor struggles with his relationship with his girlfriend, who isalso an aspiring singer and actress. There are various themes thatemerge in this movie including moral decay. In the trailer, we see aguy having sex with two ladies in what is known as a threesome. Sexseems to be no big deal as people are having casual sex more often.The talk in the streets is also sexual. A young man talking about sexwith older couples.

Drugabuse is also a theme that is depicted in Annie Hall movie. We seethe ladies smoking while in bed having sex. The young man also walksaround asking couples whether they have their sex partners sexuallystimulated by artificial means, like use of marijuana (Annie HallN.P). Surprisingly, nobody seems to care and they give funny answersto his questions.

Crimeis also evident in this movie. There are law enforcers seen in thetrailer, in what seems like an investigation. Ethics also seem to bein jeopardy in the society in the society. When the main charactergives an example on how he cheated during a physics exam. Overall,relationships seem to be the main theme with the actors havingdifficulties maintaining a relationship and seeking advice fromuncaring people.

Taxidriver trailer on the other hand is no different. Immorality is alsoexhibited in the movie. Travis the taxi driver experiences poortreatment from his clients (Taxi Driver Trailer N.P). They do notrespect him and throw all kind of insults to him. Their behaviortowards him is wanting. In some instances clients fight withprostitutes inside his car. They refuse to pay him at times forservices rendered.

Anothereminent indication of moral decay is prostitution in the city of NewYork. Like in Annie Hall, there is casual sex. Women selling theirbodies across the city are a norm, even children being forced to thispractice.

Violenceand gun culture is also an eminent theme in the movie. Being aVietnam War veteran, the taxi driver could not stand the humiliationfrom his clients. He buys guns and works out to be able to avenge. Hefinds himself in a series of murder cases and underworld dealings.

TheAnnie Hall movie does not show much of the city’s infrastructurelike in the Taxi Driver. Although the movie shows streets in thecity, it does not portray the actual city. In taxi driver, thebuildings are well shown, the road networks and the traffic showinghow busy the people and the city is. Underworld dealings are alsoshown in the movie including illegal business like gun selling anddrugs (Taxi Driver Trailer N.P).

Thetwo movies also portray the culture street culture of the New Yorkpeople. Fashion is something that cannot be separated from theculture of the people. In the trailer people have a certain way ofdressing which they identify with in the city’s streets. The hairstyle of the taxi driver is evident of the street style. He shaves tobe able to adopt a more street style which enables him execute hisrevenge mission.

Thoughthe two trailers pursue different paths, the themes that emerge arequite similar. Sex, moral decay, and crime are reflected. However,the movie Taxi driver exhibits New York City’s magnificentinfrastructure. The two movies also highlight the culture of theAmerican people.


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Reflectionon an Article

Theauthor’s main focus is corporate governance arising from the issuessurrounding organizational governance scandals in the United States.He looks at the issue from both stakeholders and shareholders’perspectives and gives insight on what governance entails. Theauthor’s quest to explore corporate governance is prompted by thelimitations between traditional governance theories and empiricalbased methods of governance.

Theauthor argues that, there is no one clear way of governance. Not allmethods of governance are good neither can institutional contextscan justify any discrepancies in problem solving. In addition, hebelieves that nothing should be contingent as some conceptual andpractical governance and organization guidelines may well begenerally superior. Generally, the author helps identify and explorewhich traits of organizing solutions are more acceptable and thosethat are not hence designing new forms and fresh eventualities fortheir design.

Thequestion on whether and in which manner does governance structuresaffect performance is addressed by the author at the end of thearticle. According to the author, a sufficient contingency theoremrequires three groups of variables as opposed to two. Governancestructure and not performance should be the dependent variable whilecontingency in which the effectiveness of each structural proceduresrely upon represent independent variable. Finally, the fit betweenthese dependent and independent variables should influenceperformance.

Inmy personal view, the author has tried to interchange the dependentand the independent variables in influencing performance. Althoughhis thinking is well explained, it only brings confusion since it isclear that governance directly influence performance in anorganization. The article remains inconclusive and provides insightfor future studies by citing major limitations in the current design.

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A focus group is an essential marketing tool in which a group ofpeople – eight to twelve people – engages in a round tablediscussion of several topics of interest to an entity. Focus groupshave been used by some businesses to gather qualitative data fromconsumers about the products they make. Such information has beencrucial especially in instances when new products are involved(Malhotra 95). Marketing of products through advertising has alsobenefited from focus groups. Through focus groups, companies cangauge how their target market will react to certain advertisinginitiatives. Focus groups can also help the companies to improvetheir product packaging after an analysis of the consumers’feedback. Focus groups have also been instrumental in learning aboutconsumer habits, expectations, and product consumption.

Projectivetechniques have a major advantage in creating, supplementing, andverifying hypotheses in consumer behavior and marketing as comparedto unstructured techniques such as focus groups and interviews(Malhotra 110). With projective techniques, the entity can accessvalues, motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of theconsumer, which cannot be accessed by unstructured techniques.

Beforeconducting a focus group, it is necessary to develop a plan to ensureits success. The first stage is conceptualization stage where theobjective of the focus group, the budget, participant information,and actions are clearly defined (Malhotra 98-100). In this particularcase, this focus group is aimed at gathering information on importedautomobiles. The focus group should thus serve to provide theorganization with information on the consumers’ attitudes andpreferences for imported automobiles.

A moderator will also be selected at the preliminary stage. Thesuccess of the endeavor will be dependent on the moderator and,therefore, some of the screening questions to be used when selectingthe moderator may include: What do you know about importedautomobiles? Do you have a pre-session strategy? How do you intend tohandle and control the discussion?

Next, the questions to be used in the discussion will be developed.Interview questions may include: What do you know about importingautomobiles? How do you feel about importing automobiles? How do youfeel about the prices of these automobiles? If you had a limitedbudget, would you consider investing in an imported automobile? Ifyou had a limitless budget, would you consider investing in animported automobile? Recognizing that creativity and diversity arenot limited, what are your thoughts on the performance of theseautomobiles? What features do you like in imported automobiles thatare not in the locally assembled automobiles? In relation to themarket, what do you think about the competition imported automobilespose to the local automobiles? What do you think about the marketingcampaigns carried out by the foreign automobile manufacturers in thecountry?

After developing the questions, the actual interview is conducted andthe data is collected. Afterwards, an analysis of the data is carriedout and the findings can be used in a way deemed fit by the companyas set out in its objectives.

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