Instructional Manual Flooring IKEA

Instructional Manual Flooring IKEA

InstructionalManual: Flooring IKEA

InstructionalManual: Flooring IKEA

IKEAsystems produce laminated flooring materials. The flooring materialcomes in separate pieces of wood that are installed piece by piece(IKEA, 2015). The number of pieces that one buys depends on the sizeof the floor that needs to be carpeted. This manual gives specificguidelines that one can follow to install the pieces of laminatedIKEA flooring material.

Equipmentand materials

Doorframe saw, knee pads, circular saw that has fine blades, tapemeasure, laminate hand saw, carpenter pencil, slide bevel gauge,protective glasses, rubber mallet, work bench, and install kit(including plastic punch and spacer) provided by the manufacturer.


Flooring:Process of installing a floor covering material

IKEAflooring: A set of floor covering material that is manufactured andsold by a firm known as IKEA Systems.

Moisturebarrier: A sheet of plastic that placed on a concrete floor toprevent the percolation of moisture.

Underlayment:A sheet of material that is placed underneath the carpet or otherflooring material.


Preparation:Remove the existing flooring materials to make sure that IKEA isinstalled on the original substrate. Remove all existing baseboardsand nails. Clean the floor and ensure that it is free of any piece ofdebris. Trim the door frames using the door frame saw to allowprofessional look and the flooring to slide smoothly under the doorframes. Trimming of the door also reduces the need for complicatingcuts and the possible appearance of ugly gaps at the door frames.

Figure1: Trimming the door frame

Moisturebarrier:Lay the moisture barrier to prevent the IKEA carpet from beingdamaged by moisture. The moisture barrier is installed by rolling outthe plastic sheet and using some duct tape to keep the sheet inplace. The plastic sheet may be provided by IKEA together with theflooring material or be obtained from a local hardware or retailer.

Figure2: Installing moisture barrier

Underlayment: Foam padding should be laid out, trimmed to fit, and taped to holdin place. The foam should not overlap on any other sheet of foam. Thefoam may be bought as a package together with other IKEA flooringmaterial or be bought separately. The foam bought with the flooringmaterial as a single package is quite expensive, but more efficientand gives excellent results.

Figure3: Installing underlayment on the floor

Flooring:The flooring material should be placed in the room for about 48-72hours before installing in order to limit shrinkage and expansion.Take a few pieces of the laminate flooring and fit them togetherbefore laying them down in order to familiarize with the fitting.Install the flooring in line with the longer side of the room or thedirection of the natural sunlight in order to give the floor a gooddisplay. Use a hand saw to trim off of the tongues of the firstpieces. Provide a ¼ gap using the space. He spacing gives room forexpansion. The second and subsequent pieces are fit together using aplastic punch that has a cut-out allowing it to fit on the laminateplank. Hit the pieces to fit them properly using a rubber mallet.Keep one square, carpenter pencil, and tape measure at the floor siteand another set at the location of the saw. Run a strip of flooringalong the length of the floor. Start a back-up along the first piecethat has been installed, but the second row should start at adifferent length to stagger other joints. Repeat the same procedureuntil all pieces are installed.

Figure4: Fitting pieces of laminated flooring together


Donot a gap of more than ¼ because the baseboard does not cover suchgaps, which will make the professional outlook disappear.

Avoidhitting pieces of flooring material using a normal hammer and insteaduse a rubber mallet to avoid damaging them (Justin, 2015).

Donot hit pieces close edges in order to avoid damaging the joints


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