How the Internet affects the Business World

How the Internet affects the Business World

Howthe Internet affects the Business World

Internetaffects the business world by playing an important role in the worldof business. This is because virtually everything can be found on theinternet. It is a highly versatile facility in making it possible todeliver services of different fields conveniently. It facilitatesimportant information to be accessed by suppliers and customersconveniently improving the levels of communications significantly.Most importantly, the internet has become a leading tool forfacilitating smooth operations in the E-commerce and money transfersacross the world. The discussion will illustrate how the internetaffects the business world by facilitating communication, ecommerceand money transfer functions.

Theinternet makes communication in the business fast, efficient andcheap through online communication services. The internet has greatlymade it easier for businesses to communicate easily cutting thebarriers to communication. Such barriers removed by the internet incommunication include delays in distances and high costs(Carleton University 1). Communicationcan take place between people of different continents overconsiderably long periods of time at affordable rates. The mostcommonly used platforms are the websites, emails and social mediawebsites. These have increased user interface and has made itpossible for people in all walks of life to access and use them toconnect with each other. CarletonUniversity (1) notesthat internet enhances communication by sending large volumes of datafrom one address to another. Finally, it facilitates families tointeract economically over long distances. This is because a personworking overseas is able to send money through secure and fast meansand support their families from around the globe.

Theinternet has improved activities in e-commerce through fast,optimized customer services. Through e-commerce, businesses arebuying and selling goods and services in the online platforms makingit effective and efficient to do business. Customers can directlycontact their supplier and do business transactions effectively andefficiently. Intermediary persons have been eliminated, thus reducingchances of delays and high costs(Mitra1). Internet packages and distributes distinct information that isimportant for different business organizations. Businesses are nowable to search for crucial information to facilitate their corebusiness through integration of important e-market place informationwith a relevant e-business application (CarletonUniversity 1).Internet has enabled ecommerce platforms that allow businesses to buyand sell products online.

TheInternet has positively affected the business world by making themoney transfer function easier, faster and cheaper. Money can betransferred over both short and long distances in an instant. Thereare strict regulations that are implemented to ensure that theprocess is safe and secure (CarletonUniversity 1).The most commonly used methods of money transfers internationally arethrough online payment systems (Mitra1). They used important information like verification codes locatedin the credit cards to ensure that the process is secure. It is nowpossible to do business from around the globe. However, it isimportant to note that there exist regulatory bodies in the globalfinance sector that regulates money transfer activities to ensurethat they are secure. They can easily detect suspicious moneytransfers and will prompt a fast action against such activities.

Theinternet plays a prominent role in the business environment inpromoting the usage of accurate data through fast effectivecommunication. This has made the internet become a leading factor forobtaining successful results in all organizations. It also offerstracking online tracking systems to ensure that business activitiesuse proper channels for effective and efficient services. Allbusinesses incorporate this vital tool in their everyday businessoperations as it is fast and reliable. Therefore, The internet willremain an important tool for making all activities in businessenvironment easy and more convenient.


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