Hotel Management Class; Hotel Brands

Hotel Management Class; Hotel Brands

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HotelManagement Class HotelBrands

Accordingto Leff, there are too many hotel brands. Big hotels come up with newbrands to promote their growth and help them to sign more operatingagreements hence, increasing profits. The new brands are also amarketing strategy for the top hotel chains. Due to theirlongstanding existence, the top chain hotels become saturated in anarea, making it difficult to increase their revenues. To counterthis, they come up with new brands adding to the list of theirproperties. The new brand also acts as the driver of the top chain’sexpansion due to its unsaturated name.

However,the many hotel brands confuse the customers, especially if they arenot specific in communicating to the customers what they offer(Leff). The guests have a hard time trying to distinguish between themany brands in the market. Conversion brands and those onlyaffiliated to a certain location are more confusing to consumers. Newbrands also do not communicate their affiliation with the otherbrands that the customers are familiar with to make it easier forsuch customers to choose them.

Themain reason for my answer is because too many deals and choicesavailable make it hard for a customer to make a choice. The customeris always seeking to the best satisfaction at the fairest price whensearching for any service. Therefore, many brands give the customer ahard time in trying to compare deals between them to come up with thebest one. In conclusion, each hotel chain is aiming to expand andreach more customers. Opening new brands is a good way to do so.However, hotels should communicate effectively about each brand toavoid confusing the customers. The opening of new brands should alsobe regulated and the information provided to the general public toavoid confusion.


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