Hospitality Business Assignment

Hospitality Business Assignment


HospitalityBusiness Assignment

Question1: What Is Your Interest In Hospitality Business?

Sincehigh school, I had a passion and desire to own a tourist hotel inChina. My family like touring locally in China and by the time I gotto high school I had developed interests to know more about thehospitality business. Upon completing high school, I decided topursue a degree in the hospitality business to gain skills andknowledge needed to run successfully my tourist hotel back in mycountry.

Question2: What Are Your Career Goals?

Aftercompleting my degree, I want to go back to my native country and opena small tourist hotel. Tourism is a flourishing activity in Chinaattracting both local and international investors. For a person toown and efficiently manage a tourist hotel, a person requiresefficient management skills. Therefore, in future I will considerpursuing an advanced degree in hospitality management to enhance mymanagement skills. I focus on becoming the manager of my smalltourist hotel, with 10 to 15 employees reporting to me. However, Iwill be involved in the day-to-day activities in the hotel to ensuremy customers` expectations are met. My long-term career goal is tobecome an effective manager in my tourist hotel business.

Question3: One Question Concerning My Ideal Job

Onequestion that I would ask about the hospitality business career ishow to strike a balance between managing my tourist hotel and myfamily. In future, I look forward to having a family that I want tointeract and be very close. On the other hand, I want to oversee themanagement and daily operations of my tourist hotel. From my point ofview, an ideal job will allow me to achieve my career goals and atthe same time give me humble time to spend with my family. Therefore,I would want to know how to balance between my management role in mytourist hotel and my family.