Homosexuality in China Your name

Homosexuality in China Your name

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Homosexualityin China



Thesocial perception of homosexuality has been a wide and verycontroversial topic in different countries. This has made countriesto come up with laws to protect their people against or laws thatallow the practice to be legal. There are different factors thatinfluence how a country would view homosexuality. For example,people’s culture, religion, and laws that governs them. has highly affect the perception of people concerning homosexuality . In Chinasince the ancient days homosexuality has been practiced but not inthe open. For example, the emperors married a wife, but had affairsoutside. Some could involve the same sex partners. The obsession ofwanting a heir to continue the family name has made parents tocompromise their values. The exposure of people to media has led toincrease in homosexuality knowledge and making it acceptable bypeople involved. There should be restriction placed in china to helpreduce the rapid increase of homosexuality in the country.

Aperson identity is very important because this helps them to know whothey are. One of the things that give people identity is theirsexuality. Some people are said to be straight or heterosexual, whileothers are referred to as homosexual. A straight person is a personwho has sexual relationships with the opposite sex. Homosexual is aperson who has sexual relationship with a person of the same sex. TheChinese American or the Chinese are a community of people who haveundergone many changes to reach where they are today. It is wellknown that American’s have a law that protects a person’s rightto choose what they want. However, in the Chinese community theirculture allows parents the right to choose for their children whothey can marry until recently.Due to over population in China thegovernment imposed a population policy that states that they shouldhave just one child. This law has played a major role in theincrease of homosexual marriages in China. Another factor is thatAmerica is a Christian country while China is a non-religious countryhence does not have restriction concerning homosexuality. The ancientChina is known to have been practicing polygamous marriages. However,the British people in China during the colonial rule affected the waythe Chinese perceive homosexuality and marriage. The media has alsoplayed a big role in encouraging homosexuality in China.Nowadays,people in China have started accepting homosexuality, creating a needof how to control it.

InAmerica, due to the law of the freedom to choose, the children aregiven the right to choose their partners and what they want to dowith their lives. However, In China, their Culture allows theirparent to pre-arrange for their children’s marriages (Weston,2012). In the early days, the Chinese’s children never met tillthe weeding day. In addition, the couple would stay with the familyof the groom after the wedding. However, nowadays they have somefreedom to choose their partners. However due to the migration tourban city the children are allowed to choose their partners hencesome choosing to marry a same sex person.

Chinais one of the highly populated countries in the world. This made thegovernment to impose the one child policy (Weston, 2012). This policyhas highly encouraged people in China to either abort when they nowthe sex of the child, some do not name their girl child due to thedesire to have a continuity of the family name. Most families preferthe boy child. This has led to the increase in the male child ratiocompared to the female child. The lack of women to meet the ratio ofmen has encouraged the practice of homosexuality. Secondly, theimplementation of the policy has made the lesbians and gay people toblend well in the society. This is because in such marriages there isno child bearing as they are of the same sex.

However,research shows that homosexuality remains stigmatized all over thecountry, since there is a Chinese culture and belief that insiststhat children should marry and continue the family name by havingchildren of their own. Most of the gay and lesbians do not exposetheir status to their family members for fear of rejection (Weston,2012). This makes the homosexual people to adopt a lifestyle wherebythe marry from the opposite sex to continue the family name whilethey keep their homosexual life style a secret to please their familymembers. This means about 80% of homosexuals in china are living alie.

Americais known to be a Christian country and homosexuality is not openlyallowed. This is because it defiles the Christian values that definehomosexuality as sin. However, on the other hand China is an atheistcountry. It does not have any religious laws that govern thehomosexual issue (Weston, 2012). Therefore, this has made peoplepracticing homosexuality not to have any guilty conscience, as it isacceptable to them. Research shows that China decriminalizedhomosexuality in 1997. This was followed several years after by theremoval of homosexuality from being a mental sickness by the doctorsand psychologists. This has made the China’s cities like Shanghaiand Beijing opening boast of the homosexuality communities as theyopenly practice it. Homosexual activists have also openly come out todefend the practice making people to feel it is okay to be ahomosexual. They have held meetings, opened places for people of thesame sex to meet. In addition, they have gay websites for theirfollowers to read, and many more. The government owns the media andhomosexuality never used to be discussed openly. Therefore, denyingpeople knowledge on the issue. However, recently the media hasstarted showing weddings of homosexual partners and have beenpublished in daily’s newspaper. Chinese’s media cover thempositively. This has made people in China to view it as normal.

Fromtime in memorial China allowed and practiced polygamous marriages. Inthe process, it was okay to have same sex partners as an affair whilestill marry another partner to have children. However, the coming inof the British to their country during the colonial rule, introducedmonogamous marriages. In addition, the British people introducedsocial laws that perceived Homosexual as evil. This has made some ofthe Chinese to have negative attitude towards homosexuality (Weston,2012).

Fromthe research that I obtained,, it is evident that different countrieshave different beliefs on the issue of homosexuality. In The UnitedStates of America, the Christian religion has highly influenced theway the society view homosexuality. However recently we are seeingsome states accepting homosexuality as a normal thing. However in theChina community the removal of the Hooligan law that used topersecute homosexual people. In addition, the doctors andpsychologist removal of homosexuality as a mental disease hasencouraged the practice in the country. It is obvious that the issueof homosexuality is openly discussed in the United States media andthe church is openly speaking against it has helped the society tothink about it and have a wide knowledge of the homosexuality.However in China the government never used to talk about the issue ofhomosexuality openly and this leaves the subject open for people tofind ways to get the data wherever they can. Unfortunately, might bemisleading and making people to join the group easily from the net.

Dueto lack of social laws concerning homosexual the Chinese believe itis okay to be gay or a lesbian as long as you do not say it inpublic. For example the gay people do not hold hands in public. Theyonly discuss the issue among people and friends who are gay. In Chinathe parents do not discuss the subject of homosexuality with theirchildren as long as they give them a heir to continue with theirfamily name. Some of the parents even encourage their children whoare gay to marry an opposite sex partner just to get a heir for thefamily. The activists who have been holding campaigns onhomosexuality and availing to people material on the internet haveincreasingly encouraged the growth of the homosexuality in china. Itis evident that due to the law of one child policy that was imposedby the government, the homosexual community prefer the same sexpartners as they would not add children to the country. The fact thatChina is an atheist country people do don’t have problems with gaysand lesbians, as long as they are not their children. Some familiesin china who have gay or lesbian children encourage them to stillconsider marry from the opposite sex to continue their lineage. Thishas encouraged the practice. Media’s role in featuring gayweddings and the internet offering websites platforms has made peopleto embrace gay and lesbians as normal thing. This is through thepositive way they feature it to the public. In China there areshops, eating places, and venues set aside for gay and lesbianswhere they meet and mingle freely this too has led to the increase ofthe same sex practice.

Fromthe above It is evident that in China homosexuality is increasing ina very high rate. If not checked the China’s Traditional believe ofmarriage being for continuity of the family name will be lost.Parents should accept to teach their children about homosexuality andnot ignore, where they will get their data about the topic. Thegovernment should stop being neutral on the subject and create forumsfor people to train and learn about the topic. It should allowdifferent experts on the topic to be featured on the media constantlyto educate people on homosexuality. The government should also sensorthe webpages that people look into that discuss on homosexuality. This will help people who are looking for information to get thecorrect data about homosexuality than have misleading information.The government should restrict places that the homosexuality meet andmingle to reduce the openly exposure of people who are already gay.The fact that the country is an atheist, there should be some socialrules set to reduce homosexuality in the China, failure to of whichthe homosexual population in China will continue to grow at a veryhigh rate.


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