HIPAA Patients rights Unit

HIPAA Patients rights Unit


HIPAAPatients rights


Privacy right

HIPAA marketing rules seek to the control how private and personalinformation of patients is used and disclosed for marketing purposeswhether by hospitals, health insurance firms, pharmaceuticals, orother players in the healthcare sector (Berkowitz, 2010). The privacyrule requires a hospital or any healthcare marketers to have writtenauthorization from individuals in order to use or disclose personalinformation of clients. Private information in this regard isconsidered to be unauthorized patient stories or photos, healthrecords, treatment, newsletters, mailings etc (Notice, 2015). Inparticular, healthcare providers are barred from communicating withpatients through communications services paid for by manufacturers ofproducts unless patients are being treated with such products. Wherethis right is violated, patients can file a complaint with U.S.Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for CivilRights. In addition to the basic HIPAA protections of patient’sprivacy, individuals can request additional protection of PHI on useand disclosure.

Right to revoke

Patients can authorize use of PHI for marketing purposes. However,patients have the right to revoke the right given to marketers to useprivate information of patient. This may be necessary where patientsfeel that the authority to use his/her private information has beenviolated. When this is the case, patients can also file a complaint(Your Information, 2015).


Thereare certain exceptions to this privacy rule. This involves whenaddressing compensation, government requests, law enforcements and inresponding to organ and tissue donation requests. For lawenforcement, entities can through the courts order a healthcareprovider to share a patients private PHI of patient through anadministrative order or through a subpoena (Berkowitz, 2010). In caseof death, information can also be shared with coroner, medicalexaminer, or funeral director where necessary.

Other rights

Respect andnondiscrimination. Patients have a right to be considered respectfulby healthcare service providers and healthcare marketers (Patient`sBill of Rights, 2015).

Informed decisionmaking pertaining to treatment. A patient has a right to know thetreatment options available and the potential risks in each. Wherethis is not possible, relatives or other parties appointed by thepatient can be involved in the decision making (Health informationpolicy (2015).


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