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HealthCare Services

Personalhealth care is the provision of individual care to a person that isin need of such care and includes an elderly person, a family member,a relative, a child to mention a few. Basically, personal health careis the direct administering or provision of health care services to apatient. An individual who is sick seeks medical care from a healthcare institution (Swayne, Duncan &amp Ginter, 2012). Unlike incommunity health where the aim is to engage the community to deal orachieve health, personal health care services are personal. Forexample, a person suffering from mental health is taken forpsychiatric services and is treated accordingly based on his needs

Communityhealth can be defined as the art and science of preventing disease,enhancing life, and promoting health by organizing efforts andinformed decisions of society, public and private organizations,individuals and communities. Community health is basically concernedwith threats to health founded on population health assessment.Public health integrates the interdisciplinary approaches ofbiostatistics and health services, epidemiology, community health,environmental health, health economics, behavioral health, publicpolicy, insurance medicine and occupational health (Arah, 2009). Inessence, community health is a subject that is concerned with thestudy and improvement of the characteristics of health of variouscommunities. It focuses on geographical areas including basic,secondary and tertiary health care.

Communityhealth services approach a health issue from a community point ofview. For example when there is an outbreak of a particular disease,the public health sector can initiate immunization program toadminister vaccination for the affected or the vulnerable population.. In community health the system through the community createsawareness about the mentally sick and how to deal with them even athome and factors that contribute to such a condition and the best wayto prevent it.

Althoughthe concepts of personal health and community health are somehowinterrelated, some differences are evident. Public health focus onpopulation health safety which is achieved through detecting andmeasuring (risk factors assessment) after which public healthsupports preventive health programs to achieve population health,plans and manages and evaluates health care services as well aspolicies and intervenes to manage the health inequalities in thecommunity.

Communityhealth is a bracket approach to health and therefore affects thecommunity at large, despite certain individuals being affected bycertain health challenges. However, it offers support to suchpatients as their needs are being addressed holistically (Sørensenet al., 2012). However, community health care can overlook uponindividual needs as it focuses on the larger community. Personalhealth care is specific to individual needs and help in achievingpersonal health to the optimal. Personal health however may not beeasily achieved if there is disconnect with community health servicesespecially when it comes to contagious diseases. Insurance firms

Insurancesreap greater benefits when there is community based health careservices. This is because there is reduced rate of infection ofindividuals hence save insurance spending. Personal health careentails direct provision of health care services to the patient usinginsurance cover. This is to disadvantage of the insurance companies.

Conclusively,community health and personal health care are interrelated and bothwork towards achieving the other. Whereas community health seeks tounderstand and establish preventative measures or solution to acertain health problem affecting a given group of people, its effortsmay be useless if personal health care is not observed and vice vasa(Arah, 2009).


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