Grand father’s life

Grand father’s life


Grandfather went to college immediately after high school where hestudied economics and earned a first class honors degree. Grandfatheralways worked hard and looked forward to joining college after highschool. He was employed as a sales person after high school beforejoining college a year later. The one year between high school andcollege was sufficient for grandfather to attain maturity age ofjoining college. Grandfather in Saudi Arabia had a total of 12children and two wives. In other words, he was a polygamous man. Itis essential to note that children were viewed as a source of wealthand value in the traditional Saudi Arabian culture (Al-Zahrani,2011). Grandfather had the responsibility of taking care of all thechildren and the two wives.

I grew up knowing that my father would provide all the necessarycare and support. Grandfather was a mentor, as well as a role model.He gave the necessary advice and guidance about life both in SaudiArabia and abroad. Grandfather made life interesting while I wasgrowing up when he narrated various funny stories from his childhoodmemories. Grandfather’s first job was to work as a cashier in alocal bank in Saudi Arabia after completing his college education. Heearned little money which beginners in the banking sector who werefresh from college earned. The last job that grandfather held was asenior management position in the same local bank where he started asa fresh graduate. He grew through the ranks for the 45 years heworked for the bank to become a senior manager.

Grandfather grew up in a poor neighborhood and a dilapidated house.Apparently, grandfather was brought up by poor peasant farmers whostruggled to educate him through school. According to the childhoodstories that grandfather tells us, it is clear that he must havegrown up in poverty and his parents found it extremely hard toprovide for him and his siblings. Grandfather was not fully active inpolitics and would only participate in politics during the electionperiod where he would vote for his favorite candidates. It is,however, useful to note that grandfather would always support thegovernment politically. In other words, grandfather supported thegovernment whether he voted for it or not. This was a strategy toensure that he got support from the government and was not labeled arebel (Al-Zahrani, 2011).

Religion is essential in everyday life activity that I engage in.Being an ardent Muslim, it is clear that there are some beliefs andpractices that I follow and practice and impact on my everydayactivity. For instance, going to the mosque every morning impacts onmy schedule since I must plan for the prayers. My interaction withother people is also affected by my religion. It is evident that mostof my friends are people we share the same religion. Religions shapeswho I am. Religion dictates how I interact with other people and howI treat and handle other people. For instance, I always seek peaceand mutual coexistence and this is an aspect of Islam religion.Additionally, it is allowed to marry more than one wife in Islam andthis may affect the kind of a family I will develop. Religion is apart of me since I practice it every day. Every activity am involvedin is determined and informed by religion.


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