Iagree with the writer of this comment that even though the world hasbecome a place where the strong prey on the weak and showing signs ofweakness is an invitation for hostility, there are still people outthere who have good hearts. Such people act out of the goodness oftheir hearts and do not expect something in return.

Ihave personally experienced so many people who have good hearts andthey are willing to sacrifice their happiness, well-being or evenlife just to make others happy or save them from trouble. However, itis also very important to point out that such people are hard to comeby and their numbers keep reducing every day. Some may even seem likevery good people that can be trusted only to realize later that theywere after something and may even turn hostile if they do not getwhat they expected in return. Some may not expect something in returnfrom the person they helped, but from another person. An example is aman who appears nice to a woman’s son in order to win her heart, apolitician who does good to win people’s trust or a celebrity whogets involved in charity work to get people to like them or talkabout them.

Insome way, people are always expecting something in return. Some maynot expect good from other people but God. They believe that by doinggood to others, they gain favor from God and as such, good thingswill happen to them. Unless one gets into another’s heart and mind,it is not justified to say that people do good for the sake of goodwithout expecting something in return. Maybe the man who was tryingto save the 10-year old boy did so because he would expect someone todo the same for his child. Maybe you also worked that extra day foryour workmate because you believed that he had a family emergencyjust as you would like the same to be done to you in case you had afamily emergency. You realize that in both circumstances, the peoplewho offered help directly or indirectly expected something back. Iwould like to side with Mosser on this issue.