Good Country People Outline

Good Country People Outline


Good Country People


– An assessment of the cultural background in which the story waswritten and its implication on the plot and the characters behavior.

-A description of the relationship between the work and the author’slife and how the setting and the themes in the story reflect thisrelationship

-An analysis of the different themes used by the writer and theirimportance in developing the story

-An explanation of the insightful choices made by the writer thatcontributed to the story’s theme and character development

-An explanation of the difficult aspects observed in the story

-A discussion of how the author chose to portray her characters bygiving them different characteristics and the implication of thestory’s background to the behavior of the characters.

-An exploration of the symbolic relationships of the aspects used bythe author in the story and their contribution to plot development.

-A discussion of the importance of the ideas used by the author andtheir possible application in the present day life

-A discussion of how the author’s choice of themes, characters andthe story’s background might be of importance to other authors andpoets who can use it as a reference to develop their unique pieces.

Proposal Statement

O’Connor’s story focuses on characters in the countryside ofGeorgia who she portrays as “good country people.” She uses aunique background, culture, different themes, symbolic aspects andcharacter’s attributes to shape her characters around the story.Readers and authors of the modern day can borrow from her lessonsthat are applicable today as moral lessons or as a guide when writinga sort story.