Gangs of America

Gangs of America

  • Definition of the American economy based on the economic state of other nations.

  • The role played by Corporations in the American economy.

  • The rate at which these corporations have employed millions of young Americans for the past decades.

  • The country’s economic driving force the presence of Multi-Corporations which offer millions of jobs in the labor sector.


  • Americans want to understand the source of the power that Corporations enjoy, where does it emanate from?

  • The political affiliation that Corporations have with the government that makes them invincible from certain legal and judicial restrictions and hindrances.

  • The economic influence that Corporations have on the American economic system and the government as an independent entity.

  • The government’s role in giving Corporations so much economic power.

  • The role Americans play in supplementing professional labor and manpower.

  • Why is the government submitting its administrative and governing authority for the American Corporations

  • The background of the American labor system.

  • Influence of the corporations upon the government and the economy.

  • Why is there no government-oriented job applications in the United States?

  • The essence of Corporations handing out jobs to millions of Americans who are suppressed by the current labor laws in the formal employment sector.

  • The 2007-2008 financial crisis was as a result of Corporations failing to circulate money into the economic grid hence banks and other money lending institutions could not offer loans to the general public.

  • The interrelationship between the American government and the Corporations is symbiotic because both entities are benefitting by safeguarding their wealth, power and control of the country’s resources.

  • Corporates ensure that their interests are protected and observed while meeting the government’s demand of creating jobs for Americans on annual or quarterly basis so that there is balance and control.


  • Power equates to money and vice versa, that’s why government officials are owners of some of America’s powerful corporations that serve not only the United States but also other nations.