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Mypaper is focused on explaining the reasons why people listen to musicwas a success. I wrote my paper to help the freshman students tounderstand why they listen to music by explaining the three levelsapplied in listening to music. I wrote the paper from a music expertlevel and I intended to address young people, especially freshmanstudents as the audience.Mythesis was that the aesthetic, expressive and sheerly level are thethree levels that explain how we listen to music. The evidence forthis thesis is in the way I arranged my paragraphs and contents aboutthe three levels of listening to music. In the essay, I said “Thepaper explains the three different levels applicable in explaininghow people listen to music. These are the aesthetic, expressive andsheerly level.” Thefeedback from my peers and from my instructor helped me to change theorganization of the paper to include well structured subtitles. Idiscussed each level of listening to music in its own section. I alsore-organized my paragraphs so that each paragraph took its owndifferent argument. The feedback made a lot of difference for me, andI learnt a lot from the paper. For instance, one of the feedbacksstated, “It would be better if you discuss each argument byitself.”Ihave learned a wealth of information about writing. Most importantly,I learnt that in writing, every paragraph should argue its ownargument that is complete and insightful. At the same time, all theparagraphs should follow in a sequence, where one is connected withthe other in a good order. Moreover, I developed a deep sense of thesubject of listening to music, and learnt more about the three levelsas I developed my thesis.Myessay focused on music because I felt a curious urge to understandhow we listen to music because I like music personally. Therefore, Isought to explain each of the three different levels is applicable inexplaining how people listen to music. That is the reason why Iseparated them. However, I offered a conclusion that summarized theinformation about the three levels and their influence on how peoplelisten to music.