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The Side ofParadise by F. Scott Fitzgerald involves the particular youthsafter World War 1. Amory Blaine is the primary protagonist of thenovel as the narrative revolves around his romantic associations andlife choices. Blaine is depicted as a young man with a promisingfuture (Fitzgerald 12-18). He enrolls at Princeton University but islater drafted into the military to serve during World War 1.

The novelfeatures several movements in American literature. For example,romanticism is featured in the emotional attachments between Blaineand several female characters. Blaine shares romantic feelings withIsabelle, Rosalind, and Eleanor (Fitzgerald 65-87). The novel depictsthe raw emotion involved in these relationships. Sadly, theserelationships end for various reasons. Imagism is another literarymovement reflected in the book. This is depicted through the use ofcharacters to describe actual persons. For example, Amory Blainereflects the personal life and experiences of the author himself. Theauthor`s first love is also prefigured by Isabelle, Blaine`s firstlove. In this manner, the reader gains insight into the lives ofactual persons.

Realism ischaracterized in the novel by the description of menial concerns suchas poverty (Bertens &amp Haen 56). Blaine is depicted as a personwith a promising future privileged to attend Princeton University.After his stint in the army, Blaine falls in love with Rosalind.However, this relationship ends because he is poor. In this manner,poverty is depicted as an issue capable of wrecking lives.

In 1915, JoyceKilmer penned an article entitled Toward Democracy: The Trend ofWar-Time Literature. This article highlighted the humblebeginnings of democracy during the war. Many nations were encouragedby the American liberation from the clutches of British colonialists(MacDonald 105). The outbreak of the war also served as a blessing indisguise for nations endeavoring to unshackle themselves fromcolonial rule. Major allies confronted one another during the war andloosened their stranglehold on weaker nations (Kilmer). Therefore,the emergence of America and British superpowers had a direct hand inthe war that erupted over Europe. Blaine was sent to the army due tothe development of World War 1.

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