Family and Individual Psychological Problems

Family and Individual Psychological Problems

Psychologicaltherapy is critical to both individual and the entire family.Personal issues can be handled as individual matters that should bedealt with accordingly. In the current world, we are living, it isimportant for one to consider therapy due to various challenges thataffect both individual and the entire family. In matters that affectthe family, therapist may be introduced so that good relationshipbetween the parents and the children can exist. Personal and familyissues tend to pressurize each and everyone in the entire family. Itis important to consider a therapist for the purpose of counseling.The paper seeks to discuss and analyze the difference betweenindividual and family system perspective. It will further considerhow physiological challenges are formed, maintained and how they canmake it better both for the individual and family system aspects.

The key differencebetween the individual and family system perspective is that anindividual gets one therapist who needs to reconsider personalissues. In relation to that, families need more than one therapistwho is not entirely involved with personal issues but rather dealswith relationships and communication among others. The family systemperspective is concerned a lot with the relationship and, on theother hand, individual perspective is concerned with the innerincrease of self-esteem.

Psychologicalproblems formed in individual system perspectives starts fromdepression that later develops to mental problems. Depression leadsto decreased production, unable to eat and even sleep among others.Decreased productivity is noted when an individual is depressed andis accompanied by sad mood. The second thing that is noted is anxietythat is dangerous if not treated in advance. Stressful events areaccompanied by anxiety like panic, trauma and obsessive among other(Alexander, 2013). The next psychological problem that is formed isschizophrenia that is a state that needs one to consult doctor andtherapy conducted. Some of the symptoms that are associated withschizophrenia are hearing of other voices, thinking other people aremore concerned with one personal life and others want to harm him orher. Medication and counseling are highly valued at this stage, andone can recover from it. Lastly is the personality disorder thattries to destroy self-image of an individual, poor interpersonalrelationship and devastating emotions that leads to one to unable tocontrol him or herself.

To maintain thepsychological problems, it is important to consider what the cause ofdepression so that advice can be given in the early stages. It is therole of the parents to make sure that each member of the familypersonal issues is looked up. The necessary support needed can begranted. To ameliorate the problem a therapist to counsel, the victimis required (Ciarrocchi, 2002). It implies that individual will betransformed in a span of time, be adaptive and lastly productive inthe society.

The type of familytherapy that should be done for individual system perspective is thecognitive theory that tries to solve all the problems that areexperienced by the conscious and those people who have theunconscious mind. Whenever one is depressed, it implies that thepossibility of his or her mind being affected is high, and thus it isimportant to come up with the solution for medication and counseling.Additionally, an individual should be involved in physical practiceslike games or any other activity that is likely to make theindividual active the entire day.

The psychologicalproblem that is formed in family system perspectives starts withdepression for one of the couples. When one of the couples isdepressed, it implies that responsibility will not be conducted theway it supposed to be. Communication is totally affected when one ofthe couples is depressed since one will be doing what he or shethinks it is right. It is obvious that when there is no communicationconflict is likely to immerge. Communication skills and interpersonalskills should be emphasized so that depression and other forms ofanxiety can be reduced. In case of a problem, it is important for thefamily to consider openness so that the situation can be dealt withaccordingly (Alexander, 2013). Like individual system perspectives,family system perspectives should consider a therapist who cancounsel the family member for a better relationship.

Addiction ofsubstance abuse in the family leads to breakage of the family. Itresults to one not making sound judgment and communicate well withothers in the family. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is mostlyeffective to those individual suffering from depression and anxiety.Family and individual system perspectives sometimes result indepression and anxiety due to frustrations from other members of thefamily. The intervention plays a crucial role in ensuring thattransformation is attained for those who are mentally disturbed. Theintervention helps to change the thoughts of the client after going asession of counseling and medication. The program is useful to theclients since they are treated, and their thinking capacity patternchanged (Ciarrocchi, 2002). It is the role of the therapist to ensurethat depression and anxiety are fully eliminated both in the familyand individual system perspectives.

Group therapy canalso be applied to the clients specifically for the family setup. Thefamily system perspective needs two therapists. The method plays agreat role since family members can learn from another family thatexperienced the same challenges. The method has proved to beeffective for those suffering from mental disorders and thus givingthe family hope that they will regain from the challenges. The grouptherapy helps the family with the support required since they are anexample that has been set and thus following the advice means thatthe problem will be solved automatically.Conclusion

Comparing the familysystem perspective and individual psychological problems, the familysession is designed in a way that should move very fast. This isbased on the fact that family needs good communication styles, theresponsibility of each and every member, listening to each other andhow to control anger. For individual part healing duration isrequired since many of the clients are affected mentally andemotionally. In addition to that, many people who suffer fromdepression and anxiety use substance abuse that results to victimtaking a lot of time before being transformed. In case of depression,there is the need to consult a physician since when the problemspersist one is likely to suffer mentally. Regular counseling both forthe family and individuals should be done so that one is aware of theproblems may emanate from depression. Many people suffer silently,but openness should be encouraged to avoid those challenging issueslike trauma and other related mental problems.


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