Americaliterature is the archaic literary work that was done by the Americanpeople and preserved for the preservation purpose for the generationto come. The inclusion of the literature work includes the politicalliterature as well as the society aspects such as adultery that leadto the production of various novels during the period. Among otherfactors that fueled the writing of the American literature includesthe slave trade narratives that lead to the massive production ofsocial life review of the Americans.

Theoverall impression about the novel, This side of paradise was thereason that the author, Scott Fitzgerald focuses on the Americanyoung generation during the error. According to Egnal, the capture ofthe struggle of the youth in the Jazz era during the time is amongthe most intriguing factors of the novel choice (Egnal 12). The novelis in line with the expectation concerning the American dream duringthe era of its realization and the struggle undergone by the victimsinvolved in the realization of the same.

Americanliterature in my opinion is determined by the social structures andthe passage of time in the leadership. The literature that is majorlyinvolved in the struggle for the American dream, by far can be saidto be the main contributing factor to these literacy work. It largelyexpects a lot from the heroes and the heroines in the society (Egnal16). Other characterizing factors include the religion and thesociety through human experiences that have contributed to theAmerican literature. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the slaverytrade contributed to the growth of the African-American literature asa result.

Ina review of the project I have chosen the character, Amory Blaine indiscussing the American mold. The decision on this character was dueto his contribution to the American literature during the period inwhich the nation was realizing its purpose. Among the appropriaterepresentation of the American dream is Amory Blaine, who was in histwenties during the time hence a perfect reference for the same. 


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